4.0Family dramedy - German

Toni Erdmann

Heute ist es an der Zeit, meinen ersten deutschen Blogpost auf erwinreviews zu schreiben - und ich dachte mir: deutscher Film, deutscher Post. Im Vorfeld wurde viel geschrieben über den deutschen Beitrag zu den... Read More...


With heading into December, now the 2016 movie fall (or more winter) is in full swing - next up was Sully which we could (in hindsight luckily) snag up on iTunes. And it comes with the usual problem of how to j... Read More...
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4.0Great drama

Hidden Figures

Off we go to our next Academy Award contender - tonight Hidden Figures was on the agenda. Without really having planned for it, I basically watched two films back-to-back portraying a similar subject matter - Thursday night, we watched The 13th (review pending... Read More...
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4.1Western Drama

Hell or High Waters

Checked off another one - and maybe I should stop checking the RT score too much before watching the movie - aside from a certain level of quality control, it sets expectations. With a whopping 98% and the subs... Read More...
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4.3Annual New England Drama

Manchester by the Sea

Time for the next Oscar contender of 2017 - a lot had been written about Casey Affleck's stellar and oscarworthy performance - so the Erwinreviews crew had to check it out. Aside from that, obviously every New ... Read More...
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4.3Great musical

La La Land

I will be honest - when hearing that the top Oscar contender of this year is a Musical and thus I would have to go to the theater to watch a movie with non-stop singing, I was not super psyched. But then there were two elements which made me reconsider and thi... Read More...
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4.3Best SW battle

Rogue One

So presumably this was supposed to be the biggest movie night of 2016 - well after the November 8 election (only that it became a reality horror movie which hasn't stopped since) - so here we are to see the fir... Read More...
4.7Best Villeneuve YTD


So I'm gonna just come right out and say it, this was the best film of 2016 so far - I have been out of the theater for about 45 minutes and I am still thinking about it. Last time, I felt similarly about a mov... Read More...
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4.4Superb war thriller

Eye in the Sky

A good offer on Amazon prime, 95% RT rating and Aaron Paul were enough reason for me to watch Eye in the Sky - and it was an amazing and intelligent film really worth watching. The story is rather straightforward: "Col. Katherine Powell, a military officer ... Read More...
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3.0Standard Marvel cocktail

Doctor Strange

So here are - Donald J. Trump is the President-elect of the US - a sad moment in history but life has to move on. And there are still good things to look forward to - like the movie fall/winter which is upon us... Read More...