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4.4Superb war thriller

Eye in the Sky

A good offer on Amazon prime, 95% RT rating and Aaron Paul were enough reason for me to watch Eye in the Sky - and it was an amazing and intelligent film really worth watching. The story is rather straightforwa... Read More...
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3.0Standard Marvel cocktail

Doctor Strange

So here are - Donald J. Trump is the President-elect of the US - a sad moment in history but life has to move on. And there are still good things to look forward to - like the movie fall/winter which is upon us... Read More...
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Winter is Coming Pt II

Patriots Day It was a matter of time until a big studio / director / boston homeboy actor picks this story up to morph it into a big Hollywood production. At first glance, I was almost surprised that these horrific events in my old hood are over three years o... Read More...
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3.7Nice little gem


On my journey to the perfect pre-Oscar score (i.e. intending to watch every darn nominated movie in the race), I came across this hidden little Bryan Cranston show. Generally speaking, I did truly enjoy this f... Read More...
3.0Nice little romance


NOTE: This review was in my draft folder for quite some time... After all "stress" from trying to finish all the nominated films just in time for the Oscar ceremony 2016 has settled, I now had the time to also... Read More...

The Nice Guys

The moment I saw the trailer - I was already fully sold getting smore of that kind of movie which was the center of my childhood (Lethal Weapon, Red Heat, 48 Hours, The Last Boy Scout - just to name a few). But... Read More...
3.1Messy but ok

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Awaiting Batman vs. Superman was a different kind of excitement for me than the usual. On the one hand, I was thinking: “Really? You are just going to spoil the best superhero franchise installment of all times... Read More...
4.3Power of Journalism


As the Oscar journey continues, it was time for the annual obligatory Boston movie (this year it was even two big productions - but Black Mass was underwhelming, so I am calling out Spotlight to be the Boston movie of the year). The movie covers probably on... Read More...
4.2Idris Elba subbed

Beasts of No Nation

As Netflix starts to show studios around the world how TV shows are being done, it seemed to be inevitable that the same thing would occur with movies at some point as well. And Beasts of No Nation is the first... Read More...