I have spent numerous hours getting addicted to the shit Walter has been cooking up for the past 5 years. And after 5 (or more 6 seasons), Vince Gilligan made the best decision he could have made. End the show when it is at its absolute best. Keeping it on for much longer would have probably Lost’ized it and thus it was a bittersweet but in the end triumphant goodbye to what has been one of the best show in recent television history. And despite the show mostly relying on the evil mind and the dark character development of Bryan Cranston, he had an awesome cast surrounding him and helping this show to the pedestal. And this weekend, I even found out that my parents (who are not exactly what you would call TV addicts) had their first binge-watching experience and all they are talking about are now the stories around Walter, Jesse and the moment the guy’s throat got cut.

Jesse: Yeah, Science

Also here what helped the show to its greatness was the continious character and story development which never appeared to be stale. The new roles which were introduced (and killed off) along the way such as Mike, Gustavo Fring – and of course – Saul Goodman added even more quality to the show by keeping me engaged the whole time.

Mike: You are a ticking time bomb, Walter. And I don’t intend to be here when it goes off

Since the team around Breaking Bad will be responsible for the upcoming spin-off “Better Call Saul“, our hope for continued awesomeness will stay alive.


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