Now in my previous post, I may have sounded somewhat pessimistic about what the movie world has brought us this year. The same thing certainly does not apply for television as this year was full of absolute greatness on TV.

For starters, after a long time of procrastination, I finally got in GoT (get it …) and there is a reason why so many critics and the entire IMDB community call this the best TV show of all times. Once I finally sat down to catch up to the 4th season which aired earlier this year, I was riveted. Some things were spoiled for me ahead of time but I guess that is just a price you have to pay when you jump into a TV show while it already is in the frenzy of the fanatic reddit-tumblR-and-whatever-els’osphere (I think I just totally made up a word). A television show which has depth, fantastic character development and this “nobody-is-safe”-element making it the most unpredictable and awesome show on TV. And one thing which defines a great TV show is that the seasons get better and better…and this is most certainly the case here. Starting off with a very strong first season, we have now climaxed in probably the best season finale with No.4 – the characters are more mature, the stakes are more clear and the audience now can’t wait until it is April 2015. I don’t think there is anybody out there who isn’t into yet, if so…this should be changed rather quickly. If you want to relive some GoT greatness (and are up to speed and thus ok with spoilers), watch the video below. Totally got me into the mood for Season 5, so keep writing George RR Martin.

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