It feels like a long time ago, since I have been writing something…seems I have come down with a serious case of writer’s block. As I am trying to overcome it, bear with me. 2014 has passed halftime which means that Germany has won the World Cup and more importantly … just kidding … there is nothing more important. Well, it basically also means that we are almost over the hump of shitty movies which filled our theaters in the months after the Oscars. Thus, I wanted to share my excitement about the remaining movies in 2014…some I am very excited, some I am curious about and well some are already out in theaters but I either missed them or live in Germany and didn’t have legal access yet.

Gone Girl

The new (hopefully) masterpiece by David Fincher with the re-born Hollywood rockstar Ben Affleck looks promising for a couple of reasons. After his recent masterpiece Argo (my first post ever btw), Bennifer is finally history and we can be excited about almost every project Ben Affleck is involved in (ok…for both JT’s and Ben Affleck’s sake let’s just forget Runner Runner ever made it to the theater). In any case, the trailer of Gone Girl looks amazing (gripping, thrilling and dramatic), and another good message is that the screenplay is written by the very same author who wrote the book. Aside from Ben Affleck, the remaining cast looks just as promising (Neil Patrick Harris in a non-Barney role, Rosemund Pike as the Gone Girl and Kim “SOA/Lost” Dickens) is at least a hint of a promise for a great film. So I am excited about this one, see for yourself …


There are so many reasons to be excited about this but the main one is…Christopher Nolan. Ever since watching movies, this director has rarely managed to disappoint, almost everything he touches turns into gold and sometimes “only” into silver (like in TDKR). The only fear I may have is that Interstellar – Nolan’s first project after closing up The Dark Knight Triology – might not be able to live up to its high expectations. But from what I have read and seen so far, the plot sounds amazing which in a nutshell states that mankind is about to be extinguished but the extinction was never planned to happen on Earth…that is all I know and the trailers are all I have seen. In addition to Nolan’s involvement, we have Mr Matthew “snagged-the-Oscar-from-Leo” McConaughey in this movie as well as Anne Hathaway – who earned my respect as Catwoman in TDKR and Jessica Chastain who I really liked in 0D30 and of course there can’t be a Nolan movie without our beloved Michael Caine. As usual there is not only one but two Nolans involved in this project which ups the promise of the film. Then there is somewhat of a personal icing on the cake – the Hans Zimmer soundtrack. Also by the planned release time of the studio, Interstellar is going into the race as one of the main Oscar contenders for 2015…Very, very excited about this one.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

In 2011, a pretty unknown director named Rupert Wyatt attempted to revive the Planet of the Apes franchise after the first attempt by Tim Burton in 2001 had – despite a decent performance by Tim Roth and fantastic custom design – pretty much tanked. With that very same (low) expectation, I went to the theatre to watch The Rise of the Planet of the Apes and was surprised about the rebirth of the franchise. Not only from a CGI perspective which was absolutely amazing – also thanks to the great incarnation of Andy Serkis as Caesar – screenplay, acting and level of thrill also totally exceeded my expectation. After this surprise hit, the normal course of things is the following: Hollywood gets greedy and has to put out a sequel at any costs, throws money at it and the result is a mediocre sequel which gets mixed reviews but still earns his money at the box office…it appears that this normality has not materialized this time around. Again, an unknown but promising director – Matt Reeves – was put to helm this project and not only the trailer but also all the reviews I have heard so far sound extremely promising. I am still waiting for this film to hit theaters in Germany….

22 Jump Street

Speaking of sequels, in 2012 the duo Jonah Hill and Channing Tautam managed to created this wonderfully balanced R-rated comedy of which the good installments are so very rare. For 109 minutes, I was extremely entertained and had an above-average amount of LOLs which qualified this as a good comedy – at least in the simple Erwin world. Now also here, it seems that Hollywood broke the cycle and according to Rotten Tomatoes managed to produce a decent and watchworthy sequel…I may wait this one out though until it is out on iTunes. But see for yourself…


I only learned about this film by the extremely high rating it had gotten on Rotten Tomatoes – a whopping 99%. The story of a boy growing up filmed over the course of 12 years. That fact itself made it worthwhile for me to watch the trailer and be intrigued by what this project has to offer. It seems to have a pace similar to The Spectacular Now and Little Miss Sunshine. Apparently, the wait will be over soon for this one as it will be released on iTunes in the next weeks. Movie night anyone ???


I have always been a silent fan of Jon Favreau – even before he shot Iron Man – I found him to be a talented director with an eye for good projects and smooth execution. Now this newest piece from him adds a novel ingredient to the mix which meets my personal tastebuds just in the right spot … Food. Not only am I a food lover – well who isn’t – I always love the restaurant business due to my personal past. So packaging all this seasoning of a rebellious chef played by Jon Favreau surrounded by an awesome cast of Dustin Hoffman, Scarlett Johansson and Robert Downey Jr. who wants to do his own thing sounds and looks just like the right dish for me (ok I think I did overuse the food analogies with this one). Having seen the balance of the actors in the trailer, it looks as if the final dish might qualify as a 4-star dish…

Well as you can see, there are some things to come in 2014 and as the summer continues, I’m sure that other trailers and story will come my way which I will pledge to share. Hopefully I could spark some interest in what is coming for the rest of the year …

Stay tuned…Erwin is watching.

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