I have needed some time to think about the departure of our beloved, over-hugging group of bad-ass bikers. After approximately one season of warming up and some encouragement by my good friend from Hank from Noise Affairs, I finally got hooked to the show and never really let loose until the very end. Critics say that the show often jumped from awesome and gripping to terribly annoying and just plain bad. And yes, it is true that the show did not have the consistency of great shows like Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones. But for the last 2-3 seasons, I was so gripped by the show that I did not hesitate for a second before purchasing the iTunes season pass. In my mind, the success of a show is partly defined by the gripping’ness and/or the quality of writing and acting (such as the shows mentioned above). One of the main aspects will remain the quotability and for how many years, I will act out their characters in everyday life situations…and SOA plays in the A-league in this category for the following reasons:

Reason #1 Manhug denisity

One of the best SOA videos floating on the internet was the hug compilation of SOA for one simple reason…these tough guys who ram knives through the skulls of people they hate or rip their eyes out have a very big need for being loved and hugged. Mostly by themselves or their “old ladies”…but well in particular by themselves. Not only do they want to be hugged but if they really like each other, a tender kiss on the cheek will be provided as well.

I Love You, My Brother

Reason #2 Tarantino violence & f-word free swearing

One of the most annoying and weird things about American television (despite all its greatness) is judging about what is right and wrong (if you are interested in learning more, there is a whole wikipedia article dedicated to the dirty seven words):

  • Shit
  • Piss
  • Cunt
  • Motherfucker
  • Cocksucker
  • Tits

…as well as the nip which can’t be shown on TV – except if you are airing on HBO and Showtime because obviously the poor children have no access to that neither are they not able to go to the internet and watch whatever they want. But well Kurt Sutter probably intended SOA to air on HBO and so he went on to write the scenes down to the lowest common denominator – almost to comical degree of violence at points but hey as long as there is no f-word, it’s all good and we can safely watch this show together with our children. So basically, it is ok to show numerous good and bad people getting shot in the head, showing Marylin Manson prison rape poor his “lover”, cutting somebody’s hand off while he screams from pain, shooting a villain in the throat, multiple cases of rape and shooting heroin into somebody’s arm in the hope of her OD’ing…but one thing really got the Parent Television Council angry: the opening scene in Season 7 where basically everyone on the show (except poor Unser) had some sort of intercourse.

#Shit #ThatBitch

Reason #3 Jimmy “MANO” Smits

Probably the best character introduction of a TV show ever was Jimmy Smits joining the Sons. At first, he seemed to be kind of a side character ready to be disposed but he grew onto everyone…both in the club and outside in the real world fan base. His character was the beacon of light everyone was hoping to become, an ex-criminal/con/killer/screw-up who had made clean house and had become a good man. In a way, one was hoping all along that Jax would become exactly like Nero – of course minus the Mano-charme. He was the one who wanted and could have saved them all…he wanted to save Gemma before she had Jax go on a killing rampage which ended with a bullet in her head and Jax’s white sneakers stained with her blood. He was the one who wanted to save Jax, he kept talking him into leaving Charming and trying to get his boys and wife out of there. Such a good man, and still an absolute dawg. One of my life takeaways will be to always say #EyMano from this day onward when I find it fitting…and it will fit all the time (Thanks Reddit)

Courtesy of http://imgur.com

Courtesy of http://imgur.com

I was going to add another list of my most favorite death scenes but that would be such a long list that it deserves its own post…

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