American Reunion
3.8Overall Score


Sorry, but I respectfully disagree. Yes, it is true that the movie sort of microwaves the old jokes which made the series (especially part 1+2) so popular. But it does it a really hilarious way. The script added cool and funny ‘grown-up’ lives to the cast and takes great advantages of the differences between the late 90s and the early 10s. I had some really great and loud laughs and had little journey back in time into a movie theatre in Anaheim in 2001

The Good

  • Happy to see the gang back together
  • Reminds me of my high-school time
  • Typical American Pie jokes…and no they don’t get boring

The Bad

  • Ok, it’s the 4th part and not as good as the original
  • Agreeably the jokes are somewhat repetitive


  • Running time: 113 min
  • Genre: Comedy, R-Rated
  • Year: 2012


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