4.4Overall Score

My hats off to Ben Affleck, his third directing act and he is on the way into the champions league of hollywood directors. With Argo, he is moving out of his comfort zone – the Boston movie genre – into more of a mainstream picture. Every little piece was put together perfectly; mashing real footage into the movie, creating the 70s atmosphere with an unfolding enemy state of Iran up to costumes, style and everyone smoking everywhere. One thing which Ben Affleck has been mastering more and more is the pace of his movies, with Argo he once again proves this talent, the movie is never too slow or too fast, running always at the right pace with a perfectly created climax and as my girlfriend put it:”you know it is a good movie when people applaud and then all stay in the theatre through the final credits”….go watch it.

The Good

  • Ben Affleck is on a great run to become one of the top directors in Hollywood
  • Even though the end of the movie was public knowledge, this movie is a nail-biter until the end
  • Perfect capture of the contemporary atmosphere
  • Movie manages not to just portray Iran as an evil empire but manages to stay very objective and stick to the facts

The Bad

  • Ben Affleck should consider stop casting himself when it’s not appropriate
  • Looking through all the orignal figures, everyone looked almost exactly like their original counterpart except Ben Affleck


  • Running time: 120 min
  • Genre: History, Thriller
  • Year: 2012

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