Overall a great tribute to the Rocky saga with all the right ingredients - but unfortunately almost no movie will be able to live up to my Rocky universe
The Good
  • Great training montages and fighting choreography
  • Introduction of interesting characters into the Rocky universe
  • Great tribute and deserving to Stallone
The Bad
  • It just can't live up to the original (but then again nothing really can)
3.9Overall Score

The night had finally come – it was a really long hard day: waking up 4.30 AM, flying out to a business meeting, knowing that I had a hard fight ahead of me that night – the highly praised return of the Rocky franchise: Creed. I will right get into spoilers – so please stop reading if you still planning to watch it.

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After coming out of the theater, I had a content grin on my face – I think it is fair to say: I was happy. Because this film really ends up making you feel good – Baby Creed ends up not being a failure and Rocky has found a new meaning in life and has a new member in the family. All good, right ? Well, yes sort of – I will confess I am probably one of the biggest Rocky fans there is on the planet; I have watched Rocky IV about 253 times, I have used the Rocky IV montages for many many workouts (and I still have Hearts on Fire and No Easy Way Out on my workout playlist) – and every now and then I watch either one of the final fight scenes on Youtube (in case you want to do the same, here is a little compilation):

Admittedly, my love for the Rocky saga has no logical reasoning, the movies end up becoming sort of dumb and the fight scenes are everything but realistic but who cares: THEY ARE AWESOME!

Now, why am rambling on about Rocky so much – probably I wanted this movie to take me back to the good old times. I wanted to shed a man tear like every time when Rocky says:

Yo, Adrian I did it!

To a certain extent, the movie does a great job in all the right places. It builds up an interesting new story line about Apollo Creed’s son – who doesn’t have this super cliche story – but actually is street kid from a foster home who has turned into a rich boy who can’t help but shed his inner fighter. Despite all good advice he wants to give boxing a shot and who else the man himself could teach him what it takes – and also here the movie just does a wonderful of job of introducing Rocky into Adonis’ life. And Stallone has aged his character beautifully; he has created his routine in which both Paulie and Adriane are still part of his life and it is just really endearing to watch. Rocky is still a simple man and everyone just absolutely loves him. Their chemistry works really well – and the film hits the drama tones as well as the more comedic tones really well.

Adonis: It’s already up in the Cloud

Rocky: Which Cloud

Also the love interest of Adonis is in fact a pretty interesting and solid character – and their relationship is refreshingly unclichee – so well bravo on that too. So in nutshell, this movie did in fact do all the things a good movie needs to do:

  • Introduce new and interesting into the existing Rocky universe
  • Don’t take itself too serious
  • Stay true to its roots

Now, let’s get to what makes a great Rocky movie; let’s be honest here – we all live and die for Rocky when he is either running up the stairs or mountains and/or when we are in the 3rd or 15th round and it is all about the final punch. So this factor needs to be heavily accounted for when judging a Rocky movie. Also here Creed actually delivers some really decent Training montages with Adonis journey to becoming the next Creed – the film heavily borrows from its predecessors but that’s ok because ultimately it doesn’t really copy but pays tribute to the originals. And when it comes to the fight scenes it actually surpasses the originals by a landslide – camera work, pacing, drama are all perfectly balanced. So also here all checks in the boxes are basically fulfilled:

  • Training montage – CHECK
  • Drama in the ring – CHECK
  • Great fight choreography – CHECK

Still, when I walked out of the theatre despite absolutely loving the Rocky franchise, I did not carry the Rocky enthusiasm with me – which basically means I didn’t run up the stairs, didn’t sign up for a new gym membership BUT I did a shed a little mantear in Adonis’ final words. The reason for my “lack” of excitement was probably that I love the Rocky franchise so much, that it is up on a pedestal of my childhood memories and I won’t allow anything to even remotely touch it – and that’s ok. Still, this was a great reboot of the Rocky franchise and Michael B.Jordan is a champion who really deserves his shot at the title of becoming the Rocky of this generation.

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