Dallas Buyers Club
4.1Overall Score

The Big Night is approaching quickly and with that comes the pressure to watch (almost) every nominated picture. Even though my move back to Germany has put an even bigger divide between the Red Carpet and myself, I still need to be able to express an expert opinion on Monday…so let’s start with the one of the top nominated movies of the night, taking home 6 nominations in the three top categories (best picture plus leading and supporting actors).

dallasThe stage and topic of the movie are set very well in the trailer. The (hollywood-ized) true story of Ron Woodrof – a cowboy in the 1980s who is diagnosed with HIV with 30 days to live when he goes on his crusade against the disease by importing non-FDA approved drugs into the US and helping lots of diagnosed patients who are mainly homosexuals … a club which he later calls the Dallas Buyers Club. The movie manages right from the start to set the right tone, and it never really loses the ability to do so as the film goes on. Matthew McConaughey carries this movie beautifully and delivers probably his so-far best performance as a white trash wannabe tough guy who has to learn to live with an incurable and socially condemned disease. One can truly tell how much McConaughey dived into his character to accurately (as far as we know) portray him and also his cause. Aside from his splendid performance, Jared Leto deserves some true props for his courageous and excellent portrayal of the transgender character Rayon (he is probably the safest bet for taking home the trophy). The way how he is playing a character who is judged by almost everyone and everything in a different time than today is nothing short of brilliant.

Aside from the awesome acting jobs of both McConaughey and Leto, I truly enjoyed how the movie displayed and relived the 1980s in a time where A.I.D.S. was still very new and society just didn’t know how to handle it. Patients carrying the disease thus had to live with the tarnish of having “homo-cancer” and were consequently treated with even more disrespect. The continuing story is then just the perfect hollywood material where a former completely homophobic redneck goes on to save the day. As much as it is heartwarming, some parts of the character development end up being a little cliche which has been actually described pretty accurately in a great article in Cinema Blend. And to a certain extent, I had the same thoughts watching this movie, as “heartwarming” as the turnaround of the main character is, in some scenes it also proves to be a little unb

But overall this was most certainly one of the best movies of 2013 and is rightfully deserving its nominations. Let’s see how the Buyers club will sell come Oscar Night….

The Good

  • Great atmosphere and capturing of the 1980s Texas vibe
  • McConaughey and Leto deliver the best performances of their career
  • Interesting topic fantastically captured

The Bad

  • The depiction of Ron Woodrof is somewhat too “ideal”



  • Running time: 117 min
  • Genre: Drama, Biopic
  • Year: 2013


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