I have to admit, Dexter really had a great comeback. After Season 5 being pretty lame, and Season 6 being really lame (except the cliffhanger to Season 7 of course), this show really made a comeback. Granted this season didn’t have the grip and intensity of the Trinity Season (thanks to John Litghow’s performance).


Having said all that, it was great to see this new twist with Deb becoming a key character. She has really grown over the seasons, when in the beginning she was just the annoying always cursing sister of Dexter – who couldn’t say the F-word often enough. This time around, she is torn apart by her knowledge and her love to her brother and it gives the relationship and the entire show additional intensity. Even though this season doesn’t really have the “one” villan, I like Isaac … much better than those jokes from Season 6 (Travis and Prof. Geller). Bringing Hannah into the show was also an interesting addition, even though I don’t see a big difference between her and Luman – except that Hannah was actually a real killer. But making the talks about kills “dinner” conversations was a little bit too much for my taste. 

Spoiler As the season came to a close, I couldn’t lose the feeling that the producers were just adding villans to get the season going; Isaac, then the fire guy comes out of nowhere and is caught as soon as he came in. However, I have to admit, the season finale with Deb, Dexter and LaGuerta was really fantastic.

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