Don Jon
4.5Overall Score

As already pointed out in my blog about the must-see movies of 2013, Don Jon was particularly high on my list for the following reasons:

  1. JGL has (almost) not starred in a single bad movie
  2. Tony “Who is the boss” Danza
  3. Scarlett Johansson as Jersey Shore white trash

So you can tell, there were some really high expectations, and the question was could Don Jon live up to the expectation?

The short answer is yes and the long answer is yes, it totally did. In my opinion the trailer was hinting more at drama than comedy whereas it luckily was much more of a balanced mix. Really good and intelligent comedies have become a scarcity so I’m happy that JGL took on this challenge. He deserves a great round of applause for creating a straightforward, simple yet very intelligent and contemporary comedy.


With Don Jon, I believe JGL wanted to test out the waters if he has a little bit of Ben Affleck (act-rector) in him and granted he didn’t start off with a Gone Baby Gone masterpiece, he certainly shows us that he is capable of much more than just acting. His script is pretty simple and the jokes are probably more aimed towards the male audience; at the same time it speaks for him that he didn’t try to go too far but to write and direct a nice comedy.If you “like” the Jersey Shore (and by like I mean hate), you will just love how the cast depicts american-italian white-trash behaviorism. So many elements (and I won’t point out which ones) reminded me of some past times with my friends in our 20s.

I loved the entire cast and their personas. JGL is the perfect “slimy” Don, his buddies are great sidekicks. His family is hilarious – both Tony Danza (why doesn’t he get casted more often) and Glenne Headly (who I haven’t seen in a long long time). The female leads could not have been casted better; Scarlet plays an awesome Jersey princess and Julianne Moore plays doesn’t need to deviate too much from her normal rom-com persona to deliver a great performance.

Barbara: Movies and porn are different, Jon. They give awards for movies

Jon: They give awards for porn too.

All in all, this movie is certainly not an epic masterpiece but it doesn’t strive for that anyways. It wants to deliver a simple, funny and likable story with authentic (yet somewhat over-the-top) characters and great jokes. I haven’t laughed about non-slapstick or stand-up in a long like this in a long time.

Great job….

The Good

  • Funny, smart and likable movie
  • Entire cast was awesome
  • JGL is not only a great actor but also a good director and writer

The Bad

  • Why did JGL wait so long with directing a movie


  • Running time: 90 min
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama
  • Year: 2013

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