End of Watch
4.2Overall Score

End of Watch went at it with full speed right away. 2 cops in the slums of Los Angeles South central messing with the wrong people. Besides the interesting approach of mixing Blair witch project style camera along with the actors actually filming stuff themselves for a “project”, the story showed us the really ugly side of drug and human traffic alongside with cold blooded murder … Basically everything what you hear from the war on drugs on the US-Mexican border in CA. The character development of both Michael Pena (who I’m really happy for to finally score a lead role in a big’ish production) and Jake Gyllenhaal was straight forward and well done, you leave the theatre with big sympathy. This movie is a new-age cop thriller with great action and thrill and some serious bromance (in a more serious way though)…somewhat of a Menace-2-society / Blood in Blood Out from the cops side. If there is a bad thing to say about this movie, I would have wished for a more “deep” villains and a less abrupt finale… Thumbs up, worth watching

The Good

  • Awesome Cop Thriller … maybe one of best in recent years
  • Innovative filming concept
  • Courageous script with a perfectly well functioning main cast
  • Gripping finale

The Bad

  • Trailer gives away way too much



  • Running time: 109 min
  • Genre: Action, Thriller, Cops
  • Year: 2012


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