Enough Said
4.3Overall Score

Could anyone really picture Tony Soprano in romantic comedy? I certainly could not…After watching the trailer, I saw the teddy bear in James Gandolfini and decided that at some point, I will watch this movie. Granted the trailer gives away a little too much (yes it is one of those trailers), it seems as if Julia Louis-Dreyfous might have some chemistry with the late James Gandolfini. Yesterday evening my girlfriend and I thought, this is the perfect movie for tonight. And it proved to be true…

james.gandolfiniEnough Said doesn’t really tell a new story (two people randomly meet somewhere, then start to like each other but something goes wrong “in the act” of them falling for each other happily ever after). Rom-coms are typically average-to-terrible and it always depends on a few factors to make-or-break in this genre. The most important element – chemistry – is easily checked off. Gandolfini and Louis-Dreyfous make an adorable “old” couple, their dialogues are witty and funny and never enter unbearable cheesi’ness levels of your typical rom-com. The other element is credibility (if it’s not a romantic comedy in the R-rated sector of e.g. “American Pie“); and also here the script does a wonderful job in combining witty dialogue with real-life problems which (I assume) divorced adults have to deal with. Questions like: How did I fall in love with this person in the first place? Trait X really started to drive me crazy? We didn’t have a great sex life…Over the entire (perfect) length of the movie Nicole Holofencer manages to strike the perfect balance of comedy, drama and love story.

All in all this is just a wonderfully crafted small pretty movie which hits the spot of romantic comedy not with “raunchiness” or unbelievably embarrassing moments but with a quiet and refreshingly funny script beautifully acted by the entire cast including the supporting cast (especially seeing Toni Collette in a strong woman role was in particular nice for me to see).

Watching this movie, I inevitably had to think about how sad it is that such a great actor like James Gandolfini has passed away. His presence in almost every movie/TV show I have seen was a promise to fantastic entertainment.

The Good

  • Great chemistry between Gandolfini and Louis-Dreyfus
  • Perfect length of 90 minutes
  • Beautiful and witty dialogues in wonderful story

The Bad

  • James Gandolfini’s last film


  • Running time: 93 min
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Year: 2013

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