Eye in the Sky
Eye in the Sky was probably one the best war thrillers I have seen in a long time - because it brings a new perspective to the mix and supports it with brilliant acting performances by Hellen Mirren, Alan Rickman and Aaron Paul. Really worth watching ...
The Good
  • Amazing acting performances by the entire cast
  • Keeps you at the edge of your seat
  • Intelligent look at the morales of drone warfare
The Bad
  • Ooops, there is nothing here
4.4Overall Score
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A good offer on Amazon prime, 95% RT rating and Aaron Paul were enough reason for me to watch Eye in the Sky – and it was an amazing and intelligent film really worth watching. The story is rather straightforward:
“Col. Katherine Powell, a military officer in command of an operation to capture terrorists in Kenya, sees her mission escalate when a girl enters the kill zone triggering an international dispute over the implications of modern warfare. imdb.com
The movie has 4 stages which all have significant impact
  • Pilots in Nevada (really good performance by Aaron Paul)
  • The Politicians in London (Alan Rickman – we miss you already)
  • The Commanding Officer in HQ (Hellen Mirren – amazing performance)
  • The Warzone with the terrorists, militia and the innocent family
Courtesy of http://calvin.edu

Courtesy of http://calvin.edu

A lot has been written about the ethics of drone warfare in the past years – and this movie puts the conflict on display in a really effective manner.  All the what-if scenarios which have to be taken into consideration before actually pulling the trigger; I felt this was the first war movie, I have seen in which the moral implications of collateral damage are “discussed” in a very realistic manner. The daunting decision about pulling the trigger and causing collateral damage in order to (potentially) save more lives later on. The characters and their “stances” were chosen very intelligently, every role in the movie had a very clear motivation – Hellen Mirren chose very early on what hers was and what she was intending to do. From that point onward, she did everything in her power to make it happen. Meanwhile, she and her “partner in crime” Alan Rickman had to maneuver through the mists of politics to execute on their mission – and their soldiers view was very legitimate which made it hard for me to really pick a side. The politicians view I found was the most nuanced in the film; weighing the consequences of a lethal drone strike against a potential terrorist attack – what is actually worse from both a moral and a “PR” perspective? It also performed a silent critique that every politician in the room would rather have another authority decide because he/she did neither want to take any responsibility nor did they want their name on kill order. Finally, I truly enjoyed that finally a movie actually takes the time to portray the pilots who are the ones actually executing the attack. The typical war film in which a drone strike or missile attack is imminent uses the pilot just as a plot vehicle who takes orders without any questions and/or doubts. In this film, the pilots play a pivotal role in the right or wrong of executing the missile attack – which I thought was a brilliant addition to the whole complexity of the movie plot line. It is truly an achievement to create a plot which makes the viewpoints of all characters so “legitimate” that you as the viewer has such a hard time to pick a side. To add to that, I felt the film was excellently paced – I did not check my watch or phone once throughout the entire film and was completely glued to the couch shushing my wife whenever she wanted to say something like “so this is really unrealistic here … ”

All in all, Eye in the Sky was probably one the best war thrillers I have seen in a long time – because it brings a new perspective to the mix and supports it with brilliant acting performances by Hellen Mirren, Alan Rickman and Aaron Paul. Really worth watching!

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