esq-homeland-recap-1-0912-xlgWow, what a season finale, what a show. This season (same as last season), had neither one boring episode nor even a boring moment. It kept me at edge at all times, one wouldn’t think that the initial plot wouldn’t really allow too much more suspense after the big secret of the first season was solved … but the writers and the entire staff kept their promise.

They created – what is in my mind – one of the best TV shows of the last 5 years, it is easily as good as Breaking Bad. However it still has to prove that it can be awesome for more than only 2 season. I have the highest expectations now but I’m pretty confident the Homeland team will deliver.

It is actually really hard to point one particular awesome point of this show. The writing is excellent, the main actors are fantastic (I bet to see Claire Danes in some big Hollywood productions again very soon) alongside with all the supporting actors (SPOILER: I will really miss David) and Mandy Patinkin. Also the score and the camera is absolutely top notch, there is really nothing to complain about….Great job, please keep it up and please let it be faster than September 2013.

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