In A World
4.0Overall Score

This interesting little indy movie which caught my attention when browsing through trailers recently and a couple of months ater…tadaaa…it is on Netflix. The premise of this movie will certainly appear to almost every movie watcher as it revolves around the art of trailer-voices starting with a tribute for the great Don LaFontaine – undoubtedly the greatest trailer voice of all times.The story is about the revolutionary idea of a woman heading into the male dominated arena of trailer voices. It kind of sounds ridiculous but the main actress and director Lauren Bell was able to spin a wonderful little movie out of this. It has everything what you wish for during a cozy movie night at home; fun characters with a likeable heroin in a fun story with touching, awkward and funny moments.

12-in-a-worldI had some great laughters as the characters act out on almost every possible awkwardness there is when it comes to everyday situations as well as awkward dating/getting to know each other moments. The arch of the movie is basically rather simple and mainly about “who gets the gig”. For some reason, Lake Bell was able to recruit some heavy hitters in small roles for her indy project like Eva Longoria or Geena Davis. Finally the movie manages to also get across the more “serious” message of woman rights which it does in such an innocent and not-in-your-face way which makes the whole thing even more likeable.

I had a great time watching this and I would recommend this nice little indy production to anyone who just can’t find anything better tonight on Netlfix…

The Good
  • Cute, nice and likable little movie
  • Fun and awkward characters
  • Story which everyone will be able to empathize with

The Bad

  • It is not a masterpiece but it does not really aim to be


  • Running time: 92 min
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Year: 2013

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