Jurassic World
  • Amazing action which reinvigorated the 12 year old in me
  • Great pictures and awesome CGI
  • Entertaining for its entire duration
  • Very weak scripting
  • Not the best chemistry between its main characters
3.0Overall Score

I just came out of the theater and I feel awesome for two reasons: No. 1) I was part of box office weekend, this might sound normal to most of y’all if you have the luxury of living in the US but I don’t any longer, so for me contributing to the huge success of Jurassic World in its opening weekend is a big deal; No 2) I just came out of the theater and despite a few “come on”s due to some poor scripting, I was pretty much at the edge of my seat for the entire ride.

So let’s get right to it, did I think that Jurassic World was an awesome movie at the heights of its origin Jurassic Park? Probably not – the movie lacked the revolutionary touch of the 93-classic had to be playing in the same league. If I remember back at when I watched that in the theater, I was just in complete awe at the age of 12 – at the CGI, at the dinosaurs and Jeff Goldblum’s leather jacket. Which brings me to an important point, what would I have thought tonight if I was 12? I would probably think: “Wow, look at the dinosaurs – is this real or CGI and how cool is Chris Pratt?”.

The movie does not let the audience wait and hunger for some hardcore dino action too long, basically within the first 15-20 minutes (didn’t look at the time at all #GoodMovie), the ball does not only start rolling, it has been in the net at least once or twice. The plot is pretty simple and basically told through the trailer: Two kids are going into the newly opened Jurassic World, a big dinosaur which is genetically modified and even more dangerous than the T-Rex somehow breaks free because she is so much smarter than anyone else and all hell breaks loose. And to a certain extent, the simplicity of its plot is a strength; the movie doesn’t even try to be philosophical and/or hit us on the nose with its message a la Jeff Goldblum “Life finds a way”

All this movie wants to do – and I think it does succeed – is entertain, entertain, entertain. If I would have met Russel Crowe afterwards in the street, I would probably said: ”Yep, I was.” – just in case he may have asked me the following:

During this movie, we see awesome dino action sequences followed by yet another even more awesome dino action set piece paired with beautiful nature shots and CGI at its finest – used in the right way. So, yes I was entertained and had a great time in this summer blockbuster. And to its credit, it does not do the typical mistake of starting out super strong just to be a total letdown in the end. No, this movie both manages to keep its pace up as well as continuously surprise the audience with new awesome dino fighting/hunting/killing scenes which is basically why we are all in the theater. But the summer blockbusters have a reputation to be somewhat weak on the scripting side; and while the simplicity does have its advantages, in this case it was annoying at points. So many things did not fully add up in the end [toggle title=”SPOILERS”]Like what happened to all the flying dinosaurs? What happened to the swimming dinosaurs? And how bad of a kiss scene did they script between Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard? How did the CEO of Jurassic World not know about the hybrid dinosaur?[/toggle]. To be fair, this blockbuster is not the first of its kind to take a few scripting shortcuts in favor of some more badass action, so you are forgiven. I also probably need some more time with Chris Pratt in leading roles in Hollywood – in my mind he is still Andy from Parks and Rec. But well, times change…

So when I walked out of the theater I was thinking, this is probably a 3.5 just because it made me chuckle at its ridiculous plot lines at moments but in the end, it did’t want to be complex or get an Oscar for best screenplay, no this movie had one mission and one mission only – and that mission is named after a Robbie Williams song  – and I think it is fair to say: Mission accomplished.



  • Running time: 124 min
  • Genre: Action, Adventure
  • Year: 2015


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