3.6Overall Score

It seems these days JGL does not make any mistakes, basically every movie he has been part of was in the top of either the critics rating or the box office. Also it seems that Bruce Willis is back, which is always a good thing. The most important piece of this movie is clearly the script; when many movies who deal with time travel always have some “deficiencies” in their logic, Looper actually stays very logical in its own logic and that is something worth applauding. The whole concept of closing the loop, is explained quite well. Everything about this movie is quite straightforward and is fun to watch…And the end, well the end is pretty good. But see it for yourself.

The Good

  • Logical script which doesn’t stumble over itself
  • JGL is solid and seeing Bruce Willis’ “shooting” face is always worth the redbox money
  • Almost never gets boring throughout the entire movie

The Bad

  • The initial extreme ignorance and self-focus of JGL is a little annoying


  • Running time: 119 min
  • Genre: Science-Fiction, Action, Thriller
  • Year: 2012

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