Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
2.2Overall Score

Yes, it is a solid action flick. Yes, the gizmos are nice and yes, the script is somewhat decent. Call me old fashioned but I just don’t believe that Ethan Hunt has earned the privilege to be as smooth and cool as James Bond and he can’t really play the mistery-Jason-Bourne-card either. And with a Tom Cruise who completely lost his swag and a villain who is as charismatic as the evil guy in the Bud Spencer movies, you just can’t create an awesome agent thriller.

The Good

  • Solid action flick
  • Great locations and nice gizmos

The Bad

  • I never accepted Ethan Hunt to be in the same league as James Bond, not even Jason Bourne
  • Villan is one of the worst and non-charismatic villan in a long time
  • Jeremy Renner is totally under utilized



  • Running time: 133 min
  • Genre: Thriller, Spy, Action
  • Year: 2011


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