3.4Overall Score

Great Movie which carries you through the tale of the Oakland A’s. While Brad Pitt delivers a great performance as expected by an actor of his caliber, the true star of this movie for me is Jonah Hill, his portrait of the Yale graduate who brings logic and statistics to the sport of baseball with a level of innocence and naivety is really fantastic to watch. Even though this movie will not make me a Baseball fan, at least now I can understand and sympathize with the fascination of the game. Great movie, watch it….

The Good

  • Finally got an explanation for why Baseball can actually be interesting
  • Jonah Hill provides an excellent performance and is the true start
  • It must be very hard to film a book by Michael Lewis

The Bad

  • I have been told this movie over-simplifies the actual “Moneyball”-principles
  • Movie is too focused on Brad Pitt and should give Jonah Hill more wiggle-room


  • Running time: 133 min
  • Genre: Drama, Sports, True story
  • Year: 2011


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