This is my first official blog post which is not a movie review, and I understand that it is somewhat weird to do the first post on the movies I haven’t watched but when looking at my 2012 portfolio I really do see some shortcomings which need to be fixed…so I pledge hereby to watch these movies in the next weeks to be ready for 2013. Thanks to Redbox and iTunes, they are only a click or walk to grocery store away. So let’s get started….

The Master

I have to admit that even though I have almost every PT Anderson movie on my to-do list (except the wonderful Boogie Nights), this one seems to be truly a master piece – no pun intended. Joaquin Phoenix and Phillip Seymour Hofmann in a PT Anderson movie can and must only be great. A solid 86% rating on RottenTomatoes does certainly support that argument. I have been told through various channels that the cinematography is supposedly absolutely fantastic. Thus if you find a small theatre nearby which still has showings, you should consider checking it out.

7 Psychopaths

This movie promises greatness not only due to the great cast of characters (with Christopher Walken being one of my all time favorites because of this scene from True Romance). With a 6 hour flight to Germany ahead of, I pledge for this to be my next review. After watching the trailer and reading the reviews on RT, I’m full of hope to see another epic picture in the same league as Snatch. And unfortunately since Guy Ritchie was subject to the same crime as Ben Affleck during his dark Bennifer years, we haven’t seen any movies of this kind recently. Let’s see if my wishes will come true and 7 Psychopaths can fill that void.

Life of Pi

Another one of those movies which didn’t make the cut of my “busy” schedule. I have heard great things about it – aside from the fact that it’s nominated for best picture. For some reason, I do like Ang Lee movies but I’m not crazy about them. Yes, Brokeback Mountain was really good but more because of the courage the actors showed – not necessarily because of the greatness of the movie itself. However given the seriousness of the movie critic business, I will have to see this one and I actually do look forward to it.

The Avengers

For a pretty obvious reason all my movie focus in 2012 was on a different superhero but apparently this movie topped TDKR in fun and even box office performance. Both word-of-mouth and ratings have praised this movie to be a lot of fun and great to watch. It seems that I have to expand my horizon here. I promise that this will be my next senseless veg-on-the-couch-in-the-afternoon movie.

Searching for Sugar Man

In my favorite movie podcast (/Slashfilmcast) this movies was voted No.1 movie of 2012 by (@davechensky) which has a lot of weight in my movie choices. And after checking out the trailer it seems like an interesting piece. So far, I can’t really say more about the movie since I haven’t gathered any further intel. But this will on my to-do-list for the next weeks as well.

Jesse and Celeste Forever

Who doesn’t like the occasional romantic comedy? And with this movie the ingredients are indeed very promising; Rashida Jones who is developing into the SandraBullock-JenAnniston of the 2010s as well as Adam Samberg who is already a legend in my heart due to his awesome “The Loney Island” videos from SNL (Jizz in my pants … still my favorite). In addition to these two great actors, your typical romantic comedy doesn’t normally receive a fresh rating on RottenTomatoes, whereas this one is actually up there with 69%.

Safety Not Guaranteed

I was already pretty intrigued by watching the trailer when this movie came out to (mostly) small indie theaters in the summer. It looked like something rather different but still interesting and entertaining enough to give it a shot. And now 6 months later, I recognize that Aubrey Plaza from Parks & Recreation (which has worked its way up to one of my favorite comedy shows currently on TV) as well as Mark Duplass from The League (which is one of my watch-something-entertaining-and-not-too-involved-in-the-background shows) are starring in that movie as well…and so the movie god will iTunes just made this the 99c movie of the week.

So, I have provided my written pledge, now stay tuned for more reviews on these to come…and if I awakened your interest, below you can check out the trailer on each of these movies.

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The Master 7 Psychopaths Life of Pi The Avengers Jesse and Celeste Forever Safety Not Guaranteed Searching for Sugar Man




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  1. Lisa

    I didn’t see any of these movies last year, either. Great list of intriguing movies to work my way through!


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