Old School
3.8Overall Score


Apparently I had a big lack in my movie curriculum by not having seen Old School. After seeing it tonight, I have to admit that it really was a lack. Absolute fantastic comedy in the style of all the recent comedies such as “I love you, Man”, “bridesmaids” etc. A sUper funny Will Ferell and a fantastic Vince Vaughn carry this movie to being a great comedy experience, I laughed really hard for about 10 times (which is a high average on my personal scale)…if you haven’t watched it and you are in for some good inappropriate laughters, watch it.

The Good

  • One of the best R-rated comedies
  • Will Ferell at his best
  • All characters do a great job in this one

The Bad

  • Too long ago when writing this review, but I remember that I thought it wasn’t THE best comedy ever


  • Running time: 91 min
  • Genre: Comedy, R-rated
  • Year: 2004








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