Part of my most recent movie watching marathon was to be able to make an informed decision to the big question, the final reveal of tonight, the question of all questions … Which of these eight awesome movies can take off the “Nominated for Best Picture” sticker and replace it with “Winner of X Academy Awards including Best Picture”.

Nominated Best Picture 2015

In case you need to get a little teased up, here are all nominated movies for Best Picture…Enjoy !

#1 The Theory of Everything

f9d9126a8ff4848b_TTOE_D19_06191_R1409353879.xxxlarge_2xMy second least favorite movie in the list, yes it was a good movie and the acting by Eddie Redmayne was pretty phenomenal. But still this film just lacked – at least for me – the captivity and the intensity of the other films in the race. To be fair, it also didn’t really aim to be that kind of film. It wanted to tell the incredible story of an incredible scientist and human being. And that it did, it probably just didn’t take me on its journey.

[toggle title=”What’s in the cards”]Seems to be highly loved by the Academy given the number of heavyweight (best actor, best actress, best screenplay) nominations it received, but I stick to my guns. It will not be the big winner of tonight.  [/toggle]

#2 Boyhood

As already pointed in numerous blog posts, articles, best of lists and what-have-you, this film is a great achievement; Richard Linklater dared to shoot a movie over the course of 12 years, something which has never been done before and that makes it one of the best films in 2014. But the film did have its shortcomings since in the end, it did not really have an interesting storyline – aside from watching kids (and mother grow up). And to be best picture in this strong playing field, you’ve got to have it all.

[toggle title=”What’s in the cards”]Is taking home best director and maybe best supporting actress but not best picture. [/toggle]

#3 The Imitation Game

the_imitation_game_photo_wallpaperI have not been the biggest fan of this film, and the more I think of the snubs this year (Nightcrawler, Gone Girl), the more I have to wonder why this “good-but-not-great” movie made it into the race. Yes, Alan Turing was one of the most important people in world history and he deserves to get the recognition of not only a royal pardon but also a prominent movie. But as already stated in my review, the acting is good (not breathtaking like Foxcatcher or Birdman), the story is too overloaded and the morale of the story overbears the focus of the film.

[toggle title=”What’s in the cards”]I still have my problems with this movie being in the race at all, especially looking at the competition this year. I am pretty sure that it won’t win anything. [/toggle]

#4 The Grand Budapest Hotel

AThe-Grand-Budapest-Hotel-580 nice and very different movie by the very different Wes Anderson. It was a movie which made me feel entertained and chipper with all its odd and fun characters – all above Ralph Fiennes (who actually may have deserved a best actor nomination). The costumes, the production design and the all-in fun cast delivered an absolute enjoyable and great experience. Everything was weird and “schräg” and just very … looking for the right word … Wes Anderson, I guess. A movie which is definitely worthwhile watching.

[toggle title=”What’s in the cards”]Will be a contender for the “supporting” categories like costume design and make up but can’t really win the best picture competition [/toggle]

#5 Selma

I literally just got back from the theater and I am still in awe about this film. Telling one of the most important stories of recent American history in such a complete, thought-out and perfectly executed way. An absolute fantastic film about one of the greatest people in history who would have most certainly deserved more recognition the Academy. I may be late to the party but hereby join the movement #OscarsSoWhite.

[toggle title=”What’s in the cards”] A really strong contender in field of 8 really good films, I think it deserves at least recognition for best acting and/or best director but I do believe that Birdman is the better and more complete movie [/toggle]

#6 Birdman

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

I have mentioned on many occasions that at this point, this movie is my favorite one in the race. Lots of movies have great ingredients like great acting (Foxcatcher), great directing (Boyhood), cinematography (Gravity) or music (Whiplash)…this movie has it all. Every single element of this movie was perfectly executed and above all it is really something we have never seen before. A look “behind the scenes” of a fallen Hollywood actor who seeks to reinvent himself on Broadway and struggles with his inner demon in the shape of a superhero. The pace, the music, the acting was just plain awesome and I wish the team all the best for tonight, you deserve to win big…Go Birdman, Go Michael Keaton and Go Emma Stone.

[toggle title=”What’s in the cards”] Will win Best picture and hopefully then some [/toggle]

#7 Whiplash

Just seen this one yesterday, and man what an awesome film this was. I haven’t been that tense since watching Nightcrawler. The movie, its pace, its actors and its intensity kept me captive for the entire duration. J.K. Simmons and Miles Teller had such great (or awful) chemistry on camera; it made me uncomfortable to watch in the best possible way. And as the movie had its Jazz theme going for it, the underlying score moved along with just as much tempo as the conflict between its two main actors. An absolute kick-ass ride…

[toggle title=”What’s in the cards”] Probably my no.2 of the year…a fast and dark ride through the struggles of perfection, obedience and moral abuse. Astonishing acting job by JK Simmons who will be the most sure bet of tonight. [/toggle]

#8 American Sniper

Sad to say but I still have not gotten around to see this as theaters in Germany are opening with this one next week…and I was not ready to test my luck in the Sneak Preview tonight.

Alright, I am off to have my first cup of coffee for tonight to get through the entire ceremony ….



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