And my prediction series continues…I want to say because this category is the one I care about the most – but the truth is that here I am ready to make a prediction based on the material I have seen. So let’s continue to the next category, best actress in a leading role. Unfortunately, I can only judge three of the nominees since the movies Wild and Deux jours, une nuit were not really on my watchlist and I would be highly surprised if they are on the shortlist of the Academy. Here are the (actual) nominees:

Felicity Jones – The Theory of Everything

As already mentioned in my best actor post, I did not connect with any of the characters in this movie as I probably should have. Felicity Jones does a more than fine job portraying Jane Hawking. Her ongoing struggle of loving a scientist who defies the existence of god while she values her christian faith was put in scene really nicely. I did also like the conflict of loving two people at the same time. Her role was all about living in a conflict while still trying to be happy. I think that Felicity Jones was a good Jane Hawking, but the field of contender this year was just way too strong.

Rosamunde Pike – Gone Girl

I LOVE THIS MOVIE … Gone Girl was the opener to the Award season for me, it was the first good movie I had seen that year. And throughout the entire 149 minutes, I was completely tied to my seat. Why it did not get at least a nomination for best picture remains a puzzle to me. And Rosamunde Pike was the person who almost carried the movie all by herself (if you haven’t seen Gone Girl, stop reading now). Was she a loving and caring wife and daughter or was she a psychotic sociopath? Well, you probably know the answer to this question, but the way how she portrayed Amazing Amy was nothing short of amazing, my personal favorite for the night but it will be a tough one.

Julianne Moore – Still Alice

My memory is still very fresh on this one (no pun intended). Still Alice aimed at being THE tearjerker of the season…successfully in my eyes (again no pun). And Julianne Moore was just fantastic; going from successful mother, wife and Columbia professor of Linguistic to a woman with early Alzheimers. At any time in the film, I was in full empathy with her, I wanted her to feel better, I was happy when she was, I was sad when she was sad … her presence fully engulfed me. And I believe that with all her past credit in the film industry and the great roles she has played, it is time to award her for yet another fantastic and courageous role.

[toggle title=”And the Oscar goes to”] Still-Alice--Julianne-Moore_article_story_large
Julianne Moore – Still Alice: Again this was a very tough call to make, from a pure entertainment perspective, I was much more into Rosamunde Pike’s Gone Girl, and I do believe that her part was absolutely astonishing and her presence contributed significantly to the greatness of the movie. But – yes, there is always a but – I think that the Academy will vote in favor of Julianne Moore and not only for her role in Still Alice but also for the sum of her accomplishments as an actress – just go through her IMDB history. Putting both role next to each other, it is not apples to apples, because the movies and roles were so different in nature (crime thriller vs. family drama). But since Julianne Moore’s movie and role had the “better message”, I do think that the Academy will vote for her. [/toggle]

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