As I check the movies of the list, I will inform all the people who are dying to hear my unwarranted opinion about the potential wins of the upcoming Sunday…so next up is probably the second most important (or most discussed category of this years Awards ceremony). Here are the nominees for best actor in a leading role.

Steve Carell – Foxcatcher

In a movie filled with extremely raw, realistic and strong acting performances, it was Steve Carell’s John DuPont who left the biggest impression on me. He impersonated the odd and awkwardly scary character of John DuPont in such a great way that I still get shivers when I watch the trailer. Obviously part of it was the make-up but Carell really acted the sh** out of his character, the way he moves, the way he explores his goals and how he attempts to be a strong personality and role model. As I already pointed out, watching Foxcatcher came with a certain discomfort and a big part of that was Steve Carrel’s John DuPont – and I mean that in the most complimenting ways possible. And again, this is the guy who we know from 40-Year-Old-Virgin or Crazy,Stupid,Love …  and not that I didn’t love these movies but we know and love Steve Carell for a certain type of character and with Foxcatcher he completely re-invented himself and showed everyone out there that he most certainly can do much more than just funny and awkward. In my mind, one of the strongest contenders for Sunday night – if not the strongest.

Benedict Cumberbatch – The Imitation Game

I have already more or less outlined in my review that I wasn’t the biggest fan of this movie for reasons which have more to do with the script than the acting. Having said that, I though that Benedict Cumberbatch did deliver a solid performance; he was awkward, brilliant and resilient. But was that performance something I will be still talking about in years to come? Probably not. Same goes for the movie, and so this nomination will be No.5 of 5…and while I am in rant-mode, if it is possible to be nominated for a B+ performance like this how could the Academy snub Jake Gyllenhaal’s Lou Bloom … that was a million times better.

Bradley Cooper – American Sniper

Sad to say but with all my attempts to convince the studios to pull in the release date one week ahead failed, I was not able to watch American Sniper just yet. It is an N/A

Michael Keaton – Birdman

From all my previous posts, it should be clear by now what my favorite movie on the Oscar ballot for this year is…Birdman. And as previously outlined, a big part of it is in fact the sum of all acting performances; Michael Keaton as the fallen Hollywood hero, he once aspired to be is just super-awesome and fun to watch. The witty dialogues, the weird relationships, his Alter ego…all fantastic elements and acted out in perfect execution. Loved Michael Keaton – very high up in the list.

Eddie Redmayne – The Theory of Everything

A review for The Theory of Everything is still in the works by my editor in chief and she will probably disagree with my statement. Overall, I did not enjoy the movie and could not connect with the characters the way I wanted. It was all just too PG for me. The transformation, Eddie Redmayne goes through to portray Stephen Hawking and his struggles in a life with ALS were courageous and really fantastic. But still I just enjoyed the raw- and darkness of the other characters much more. If you ask my wife and probably the Academy – this is the winner of the 87th Academy Awards.

[toggle title=”And the Oscar goes to”]
still-of-steve-carell-in-foxcatcher-(2014)-large-pictureSteve Carell – Foxcatcher … this will be a very close call and I had already decide to go with Eddie Redmayne – he is the more sane choice, he is the more “Academy-like” choice. Then I changed my mind again and went with Michael Keaton, he is the main actor in my-favorite-movie-of-the-year-choice. But who was the best acting performance of this year…pretty clearly Steve Carell. As I already pointed out, I absolutely loved his portray of John DuPont, he lived and breathed that character. And it was just awesome to watch…I know the chances are really slim but I am rooting for you Steve.  [/toggle]


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