The big night is coming closer and closer, my evenings are still packed with movie dates. Really hard to have be holding two jobs at the same time. So, all the hard work of me going to the theaters will now be culminating in a series of posts with my prognosis and either later fame or shame. A lot of controversy has happened around the political motivations of the Academy this year with their lack of focus on diversity but let’s put politics to the side for tonight. This post will focus on the female acting performances of this years nominees…

Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Since I am not the Academy and value female performances – which this year were particularly strong in my mind – I will put #WomanFirst. Truth to be told, I literally was not able to watch all nominated movies before February, 22nd so my apologies go out to all my female readers. Let’s go through the nominees for best actress in a supporting role …

Patricia Arquette – Boyhood

Of the two acting nominations Boyhood has received, this one is more deserved (even though Patricia Arquette isn’t really a supporting actress but we all know that the Academy has weird rules about that). Anywho, her performance was really courageous as she did really go through all the motions of motherhood (as far as I can tell) and was not afraid to show herself in good and bad times. In a portray of single motherhood, she gave a very credible performance and one that definitely stuck with me – she made mistakes in her life and she made some bad choices. But she never lost sight of what is important for her – the success and well-being of her kids. And that message and performance deserve the recognition of the Academy – but to win the golden statue – lots of things have to go right come February, 22nd.

Laura Dern – Wild

Clear N/A for me…sorry folks. Haven’t seen (and there is a good chance that I won’t see it). Good luck Laura, you rocked Jurassic Park.

Keira Knightley – The Imitation Game

You may or may not have read my review on The Imitation Game but I did have my issues with it. Yes, it was a good movie and yes the acting was fine. But in my mind, the movie along with all its ingredients more belongs to the B+ category which will be forgotten soon. Same goes for Keira Kneightley’s performance – yes it was good and solid but was it something outstanding, something memorable, something worthy of an Academy Award. Absolutely not.

Emma Stone – Birdman

I have always thought of Emma Stone as being one of Hollywood’s greatest young talent ever since Superbad. And after having starred in mostly “family movies” like The Amazing Spiderman or Crazy, Stupid, Love, she finally has her “christening” in a real movie and can show some real acting. And boy does she act the hell out of her character in this one. I did already mention it in my review but her monologue where she rips Michael Keaton a new one is probably some of the best scripted and executed monologues I have seen in recent movie history. Her part is as crucial to the success and brilliance of this movie as Michael Keaton and Edward Norton. It will be a tough race between Emma Stone and Patricia Arquette but there can only be one

Meryl Streep – Into the Woods

I haven’t watched this movie but I am pretty certain by now the Academy is making it a thing to just always nominate Meryl Streep no matter how average the movie is. And nominating this movie can only be a prank – or a lack of alternatives. They could have used this n-th nomination who won’t win anyways to give to other performances who do deserve some credit like e.g. Rene Russo in Nightcrawler or without having seen them Jennifer Anniston in Cake or even Amy Adams (who also has some 5 nominations already but still better than the ridiculous 18 nominations of MS).

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Emma Stone – Birdman This is a really hard call to make, on the one hand, I have the feeling that Patricia Arquette’s role was more courageous and more memorable, thus deservers more credit. And I also believe that the Academy will keep their tradition of – in doubt – awarding the more politically correct solution. But Birdman as a whole just stuck with me so much and Emma Stone’s performance was daring, weird, contemporary and awesome that I do wish for her to take home her first Golden Boy, it would be truly deserved. [/toggle]

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