After having re-iterated my should haves, let’s spend some time to think about the really undeserved nominations of this years Academy Awards. Needless to say, if these were gone, there would have probably been some more room to squeeze in the should-haves … obviously.

The Should Nots

No.1 – Bridge of Spies (in almost every category)

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When I went to the theater to watch Bridge of Spies, I had a really good time. It was a well-crafted and well-acted film about a topic (post WWII Cold War) which has almost been forgotten by Hollywood. And that is ok, because it has been the focus topic of many great movies in the past. So seeing a cold war movie again was somewhat refreshing; needless to say that Steven Spielberg and homeboy Tom Hanks have the talent and the experience to pull off such a movie and make a worthy experience. But does Spielberg have to get a nomination for basically every movie he directs, aren’t there so many other talented and more deserving directors out there (see my previous post). Bridge of Spies was a solid and very well-made movie but looking at the nominations – I can only agree with Mark Rylance as Best Supporting Actor and Best Production Design; because these were achievements unique and good enough to be recognized by the Academy.

No.2 – Steve Jobs (in the acting categories)

As you may or may not have read in my Steve Jobs review – I did enjoy this movie. And our hats should go off to Aaron Sorkin who managed to condense Walther Isacsoon’s page turner about the life of Steve Jobs into a very innovative script which did not portray the things as they took place in the book but conveyed a dramatized version of the late Steve Jobs. And after the project was basically doomed to fail with so many big names withdrawing from the project:

David Fincher leaves Steve Jobs biopic after dispute over $10m payday (The Guardian)

Christian Bale just left the Steve Jobs Biopic. Here’s Why (

Leonardo DiCaprio Exits Steve Jobs Biopic as Contenders Line Up (

Still, the movie did happen and Michael Fassbender (despite being third choice) delivered a solid performance as the late Steve Jobs. He fired off the Aaron Sorkin dialogues in the utmost convincing way – but the movie and his role were neither good nor “important” enough to grant the movie such recognition by the Academy. Same goes for Kate Winslet who is undoubtedly a great actress and her role does carry the film but still I did neither see her role as being noteworthy by the Academy.

No 3. The Martian’s acting overvalue

martian-gallery3-gallery-imageDon’t get me wrong, I did really love The Martian as a piece of entertainment and believe that mostly Ridley Scott was robbed his deserved nomination here. But I felt that the role of Mark Watney was basically the perfect fit for Matt Damon – he could basically just play the person he plays best: witty, smart-cocky, funny with a touch of drama to give the movie the suspense factor it needed in the end. The role of Mark Watney felt like it had been written for Matt Damon – he basically did not have un-Damon himself in any sort. It does not make his acting for the role “unworthy” – it just is not that special – especially looking at the potential contenders who were snubbed.

No 4. Stallone’s nomination for Creed

creed-sylvester-stallone-golden-globes-nominations-2016Not in a lifetime would I have ever thought that my keyboard would allow me write anything negative about Rocky – and to be fair – this is not a negative statement but more putting things in perspective. As you may have read, I did really enjoy watching Creed and I thought Ryan Coogler gave the franchise a very interesting and noteworthy new direction. Even though, it remains to be seen if the Rocky franchise can exist with another character leading it. Anyways, I thought Stallone’s performance as the aging Rocky was pretty cool to watch and I did enjoy it a lot. But again I did not feel that this was any outstanding achievement in terms of his acting skills – he basically relived the character that made him famous. Now having said all that, if I look at the field of nominations – I will root for Stallone because if Rocky is in the ring, there is nobody else to root for, right?

Lastly, I probably would mention Jennifer Lawrence’s n-th nomination for an average David O.Russel movie. But since I did not find the time to actually watch that movie, I will not mention it as Should-Not have….

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