Pacific Rim
3.5Overall Score

This was yet another one of these movies, I really wanted to watch in theaters. Just from watching the trailer, it seems that it would have a much different feel in there. But well, you only have so much time, so I am doing the next best thing…Redbox’ing it. So let’s see if my movie podcast was right by naming this the best summer blockbuster of 2013.

Certainly Guillermo del Toro does not a waste a lot of time with foreplay. Pacific Rim is loud, colorful and epic right from the start. There is a certain technique to set the stage by telling the pre-story and get the audience in the right mindset. Del Toro does an excellent job here and Charlie Hunnam’s voice is perfect to commence with the narrative (another fantastic example is the the intro of Argo). Once the stage is set, the movie gets right to it: action-packed and perfectly crafted action scenes in the epic setting of Machine vs. Monster. The fighting continues (and to be fair repeats itself, however never in an annoying way but always somewhat different). Sometimes the “logic” behind these types movies can be so annoyingly over-the-top that it becomes a dealbreaker. Also here Del Toro strikes a good balance between comic, science-fiction and straight up action.

PACIFIC RIMLooking at Pacific Rim, one could think a little Transformers mixed up with up some Starship Troopers in more colorful pictures. And I think, if you don’t want to let yourself get into it, this is as much as you will see. But I enjoyed most of the movie, as it does combine the mentioned elements but excludes the Michael-Bay-ness and the political criticism of Starship Troopers. Instead it offers you an international comic with a great and refreshingly different cast which have both fantastic chemistry and are just (finally) not American-only. And maybe that is actually the little something which made this movie so likable, it is an epic action-story but it is the world and humanity against them monsters and not America leading the way with the help of some Russian and Chinese (and maybe French or German)…no this movie is General Idris “Stringer Bell” Elba (British), Soldier Charlie “Jax Teller” Hunnam (British) together with Rinko Kukichi (Japan – and yes she’s the one from Pitch Perfect) and crazy scientist Charlie Day (American).

Truth to be told, the movie is not perfect. The dialogues want to be epic but sometimes end up being a little child’ish and somewhat too PG-13. Thinking of the reasoning, my impression was to make this movie more suitable to all age groups and especially making it an attractive to the foreign markets (and not focusing only on the US box office). And looking at the numbers, this was a good marketing strategy as Pacific Rim made 75% of its revenue overseas.

So ultimately, this may have not been a masterpiece (as there certainly are some ingredients missing) but if you just want to be entertained in beautifully crafted, perfectly shot and produced fun Science-Fiction flick which does not want to be controversial or provoking, then you picked the right film and you’re up for a hell of ride.

The Good

  • Epic, colorful and beautifully crafted
  • Awesome action and fighting scenes
  • refreshingly different cast with Idris Alba, Charlie Dunham and Rinko Kikuchi

The Bad

  • Dialogues end up being somewhat “kitsch”
  • Generally good chemistry – except between Dunham and Kikuchi


  • Running time: 131 min
  • Genre: Science Fiction
  • Year: 2013

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