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It has been a long time since I had seen this one and I forgot how great it is. The political campaign for 2012 is just about over and this picture reminds us of how politics were made in the early 90s with a satire on the Clinton campaign (at least that’s what you can only assume). John Travolta perfectly portrays the passionate politician who cares about the country and really wants to make a change but just can’t “keep it in the pants”. Emma Thompson’s performance as the potential Hilary is absolutely magnificent, you can only imagine what must have happened behind closed curtains. And now looking into the future (as in today), it was a smart investment of her to stick around. But to get back to the movie, it does a fantastic job of looking into a campaign which starts from nothing and a motivated young african-american campaign manager who wants to make a difference but finds out that literally nobody’s perfect.

The Good

  • Satirical and full of energy
  • John Travolta is a great Bill and Emma Thompson is a great Hilary
  • Politics in movies is always a pleasure to watch
  • Gives the viewer a feeling of being on the campaign trail

The Bad

  • The amounts of screw-ups John Travolta is pulling off would not be forgiven by a normal wife
  • Pretty sure the book is a little better (but isn’t that always the case)


  • Running time: 143 min
  • Genre: Drama, Politics
  • Year: 1998

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