A long time has passed since we were introduced to Barney, Marshall, Robin and Ted. It has been 9 wonderful years, and I don’t want to miss any of the great moments and so many parallels which were drawn into our lives. Aside from all my thoughts about the controversial show finale, I want to emphasize how much I loved this show and how much I will miss having it around and talking about it with my colleagues and friends.


Any show on television has a big dilemma about when to find the perfect time to put it to an end. Few shows manage (Breaking Bad, The Wire), many shows completely fail (Dexter, Lost and many other shows which i just totally forgot about) and some shows may run a little too long but completely make up for it in the home stretch. HIMYM was one of these shows…this season 9 was just wonderful, the theme around the Robin and Barney’s wedding, the flash forwards to Ted’s future and the actor’s choice for the Mother. Many open loops were closed beautifully like the slap bet or Robin and Lilly’s lesbian episode and the writers managed to do the impossible…after revealing the Mother by the end of Season 8, everyone got up in arms about the suspense and the “How I met your mother”-idea being already wide open. But the idea of actually building up to the final meet at the train station which actually opens the season was just brilliant and made up for all the waiting. But enough about all the happy ending stuff, let’s get to the big controversy….

Last Forever: Part OneAfter my girlfriend and I finished the show, I started to think if I liked the idea of a not so perfect ending or not. And on the one hand – in only one season – I have grown to really like the Mother – as apparently the entire HIMYM viewership – and the romantic in me secretly was actually wishing for Ted and the Mother to end up happily ever after. All the build up, all the drama, all the searching for the perfect one … well it worked out exactly as Ted wanted it to. But in the end life is not always a fairy tale ending and sometimes the perfect soulmates don’t end happily ever after because one mate gets sick and can’t make it to their daughter’s wedding (another hint which I totally missed at first in Episode 19 of Season 9). If all that would have worked out, we probably would have seen this ending which another HIMYM Team Mother fan had put together.

But in looking at dots backwards, it all makes sense from the way Ted was telling the story. It was Robin all along. There was almost no season, where Ted and Robin didn’t have a sparkle going on. And maybe the morale of the story is that it took the Mother for Ted to finally get over Robin but in the end they were just meant to be together. And all in all, my hats off to the writers and creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas; they managed to give us a million hints throughout the entire show without ever revealing anything. Here are just a few:

  • The bet about being backup husband and wife
  • Ted crying about the Mother not being at their daughter’s wedding
  • Ted wanting the extra 45 days with the Mother
  • Ted basically falling in love with Robin every 5 minutes throughout the show
  • Victoria breaking up with Ted over Robin

So in the end it doesn’t really matter if I liked it or not but it is great writing and it is an accomplishment to manage to surprise a fan base like this after the buildup for the fairy tale ending. We were all eagerly awaiting a yellow umbrella and we got it but the blue french horn just never stopped playing.

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  1. Schorse

    In my eyes: Not the ending itself was problematic, but wrapping up so many years in just two episodes while using almost a full season for a wedding weekend. The divorce took about 10 minutes. In my view, one full season to close all those storylines over the years would have been better…

  2. Armin Fakouhi

    Schorse, I agree that it is hard to wrap up a show in only one episode, but the genius of the season finale was that the writers managed to surprise us while actually hinting to this end all along. In the same context they brilliantly made it possible that we all fall in love with a character who only was part of the show in person for one season…it was robin AND Tracy all along, and it was always in front of us, we just didn’t see it

  3. Dan

    GREAT review!
    I am still not sure if I like the official ending or if I rather prefer the alternative one – which I guess most folks expected. This show has been incredible, with so many parallels drawn into our lives and I will certainly miss it.
    Like you, I also missed the points you mention (the bet, the Mother missing the daughter’s wedding,…), and it seems so obvious now.
    I guess the sad part for me is that it took Ted and Robin 25 years to get back together – and only at the expense of the deseased Mother – and to see all the ups and downs the gang went through after Barney’s and Robin’s wedding. But that’s a pretty good picture of life itself. Things change, and things that were, will never be again the same way. And that’s neither good or bad, it is just life.
    Again, great review!

    • Armin Fakouhi

      I am very glad that the show ended the way it ended. A cookie cutter ending would have not been the typical style of the show and would have betrayed its soul.


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