Robin Hood
1.0Overall Score


With a cast of Russel Crowe and Cate Blanchett, directed by Ridley Scott and a screenplay by Brian Helgeland, you have to expect more. Going into the movie and thinking that some re-vamped Gladiator version in Nottingham Forrest would waiting for me, I was pretty disappointed. Also with the obviously high budget, Ridley Scott didn’t make more than Michael Bay would have made with that material….


The Good

  • Ridley Scott is no amateur, so camera, sound and atmosphere are pretty awesome


The Bad

  • This staff HAS to deliver more and better
  • Boring script and thus underperforming acting by Russel Crowe
  • What worked so well in Gladiator doesn’t work at all here
  • Tries hard to be masterpiece but is just mediocre (if even)
  • Way too long, if a movie is 140 min long, it has to be really really good




  • Running time: 140 min
  • Genre: Biopic, Adventure
  • Year: 2010








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