A few weeks have passed and the loss of HIMYM is starting to settle in. While I’m still sad, I have been asking myself which show could take its place…well I haven’t been fully successful just yet but I have found a “different” medication to ease the pain; the medication is called “Silicon Valley”.

I started watching this show last weekend, and it immediately hit the spot. Having worked in a tech company my entire career and having spent some time in the Valley, it takes an amazing look at everything that is associated with technology and its characters. So many jokes (“My good friend Kid Rock”) reminded me of many company meetings and/or product launches which I have been following in a live feed. The casting of the show has all the right ingredients:

  • a nerdy awkward socially uncomfortable main character who you can’t help but like
  • his socially awkward developer buddies (one is of course indian)
  • the business guy (who is also awkward)
  • a wanna-be tech entrepreneur
  • a real tech entrepreneur

Silicon-ValleyNow the obvious question is why should we watch this show and not just stick with TBBT…and that is a good question. To a certain extent, it takes a different angle at the nerdy’ness. It is not about the human interaction between a bunch of college PhDs who try to outnerd each other and their girls. This show takes – so far – a very distinct focus on the craze of Silicon Valley and the tech industry with a small group of awkward nerds trying to go big. And the jokes, the characters and the parallels to real Silicon Valley life are just fantastic. I want this show to succeed and I truly believe it will.

The joke potential for the latest Silicon Valley craze seem endless and so is the potential of this show; it has only aired 5 episodes, so unfortunately there is yet no binge potential, but I will keep following the development of Richard’s new compression algorithm and his fellow nerds…and so should you.

If you need an idea, what it’s all about, check out the trailer…but believe Erwin it is totally worth your binge time

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