4.0Overall Score

James Bond turns 50…this truly called for a big party and that’s what Sam Mendes delivered. Bond No.23 managed to show us 007 as an agent from past times who is vulnerable and has a hard time to keep up with the World 2.0…but proves throughout the journey that he is not only still relevant but also adaptable. IMHO the past Bonds had the flaw of a predictable franchise trying to check off all the typical Bond features. Now what are the attributes setting this one apart? Yes, James Bond is still a ladykiller and gets them all, yes the movie brings us to the up and coming cities in the world and yes there are gadgets….but it’s all done in a much more settle and yet very powerful and efficient way. A big contribution to this pictures’ greatness was the choice of the cast, Judi Dench is rock solid as usual and Ralph Fiennes is a great new addition to the cast, plus there is one surprise character which explains a certain shortcoming of 007 during the movie. But the character which truly makes the difference is clearly Javier Bardem. He is finally the super villain which I have missed in the recent Bond movies, somewhat of a cocktail of a hands-on Bloefeld of our times and a PG-13 version of Bardem’s “No Country for Old Men”-character. Throughout these very entertaining 2 h, “Skyfall” takes us “back to the future” (you’ll see what i mean) and it’s a great ride…..

The Good

  • Probably the best Bond with Daniel Craig
  • Great travel through 007-times
  • Javier Bardem is finally a charismatic villan again
  • Courthouse scene is one of the best action scenes in a Bond movie ever

The Bad

  • The finale of the movie seemed a little unnecessary
  • Albert Finney as Bonds “father” was random


  • Running time: 143 min
  • Genre: Action, Thriller
  • Year: 2012


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