Solitary Man
3.6Overall Score


Great movie with a fantastic cast and especially Michael Douglas in his element – a sleezy hornball who is still somewhat likable. Him and Danny De Vito are great partners in any movie. The portrait of the main character draws a contemporary picture of american society where the rise to the top can be followed by hitting rock bottom just as fast.

The Good

  • Michael Douglas in a “low-key” but fantastic role which brings out all his strengths
  • Feel good movie
  • Movie doesn’t try to be more than it is
  • Danny DeVito and Michael Douglas reminds you of the great 80s pictures


The Bad

  • Hard to say anything bad, since all expectations are met
  • Nothing really innovative but it doesn’t really need/wants to be that



  • Running time: 140 min
  • Genre: Action, Drama, Reboot
  • Year: 2010












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