I finally finished Season 6 with great support from my girlfriend in a 1-week Dexter marathon…and (aside from the end) my disappointment remains.

What happened to Dexter … 

  • … only killing the bad people who got away? It was part of his “code” to help the police to find murderers, rapists, drug dealers and when they fell through the cracks.
  • … prefacing his victims with a through investigation (as Harry had taught him) to really be sure if they are actually guilty
  • … always wanting to make sure that nobody who wasn’t associated with his “target” wouldn’t get hurt

After watching the season, I got that the writers wanted to mix Dexter’s atheism and his potential path to believing with a murderer whose killings are purely motivated by religion. And of course it fits into the contemporary theme of the show of add a little bit “end of the world” into the mix.

All in all, comparing the show to its predecessors, especially Season 2 and 4, you really have to ask the question: DID DEXTER JUMP THE SHARK ? The only hope I have is the cliffhanger of Season 6 which is an interesting segway to hopefully entertaining Season 7…

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