Star Trek Into Darkness
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After having rented Stark Trek yesterday evening to get myself in the right mood, I had to realize that I’m just not a Trekkie. For that very reason, I almost doubted if I should be spending 132 minutes to watch “Into Darkness”. And I’m happy that I did spend the time because this was a great movie.

As the creator of the best TV shows in the 2000s aka Lost, I’m happy to report that JJ Abrams has now officially entered the big boy club in Hollywood. Whereas his first installment lacked a well-connected storyline as well as a good villain, I feel that he has corrected these flaws and delivered the perfect summer blockbuster. The characters of the USS enterprise are now more mature and developed and thus it offers the story more room. Also the cohesiveness of both the script and the character development is executed very well here (aka much better than in the first part). I particularly liked the development and focus on the friendship between Kirk and Spock including their inherent values as well as the conflicts. In addition, “John Harrison” delivers an excellent performance as the villain (not your typical Sci-Fi bad guy). And on a personal note, I’m happy to report that THE person who have birth to one of THE words of the 2000s has found himself a niche which does not focus on the sexual attractiveness of female parents (you will know who I’m referring to).

Star_Trek_Into_Darkness_32One thing which typically bothers me in Sci-Fi movies is the “architecture” of cities in the future. It is mostly way too futuristic just to live out a way too vivid fantasy. In this case, the blending in of known city monuments and futuristic design had the perfect mix. Another important aspect of this type of movie is the creation and shooting of action scenes – and also here I have to say “Bravo!”. JJ Abrams choose a good mix of CGI, fighting scenes and starship battle. All in all, I was well entertained in the 132 minutes and that was the goal which I had walking into this movie.

The Good

  • Great cast chemistry
  • Beautiful tale of friendship, values and morals between Spock and Kirk
  • Cool action shots and great cinematography

The Bad

  • Good summer blockbuster, not a Sci-Fi masterpiece


  • Running time: 132 min
  • Genre: Science Fiction
  • Year: 2013

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