Still Alice
  • Great performance by Julianne Moore
  • Heartwarming and yet sad movie
  • An absolute tear-jerker
  • Alec Baldwin could have been more of a jerk … I don’t recognize him as a nice guy
4.6Overall Score

Next up on the road to the Oscars was  … Julianne Moore’s run for her first golden statue. Honestly, I went into the movies literally not knowing what to expect (aka the Sneak Preview which I believe does not exist in the US) and when I went out, I had seen a movie which had deeply touched me. So boys and girls, don’t forget your tissues if you’re planning to watch this one. For me it totally hit home in so many aspects.

The story is briefly described in the trailer; an intelligent researcher and highly successful woman and mother is diagnosed with early Alzheimers. The movie deals with the struggles of her life onwards and the ways she invents to make her life as “live-worthy” as possible which obviously gets harder and harder as the disease takes its course.

Thinking about this film right afterwards, I can’t pinpoint what it was that got to me but I haven’t been shedding as many tears in a movie in a long time (no shame). As the movie goes on, it depicts all the aspects of having a family member diagnosed and going through the struggles of Alzheimers in such a sad and yet heartfelt way.  Obviously, Julianne Moore delivers a very strong performance and is now the #1 contender of Rosamunde Pike’s Gone Girl for best actress in a leading role. And her performance is so strong because we can all relate to it so well and probably for me it was the thought of “this could be your parents” or “this could be your wife”. As the movie progresses, it does a really good job of depicting how Alice deals with her condition as things are taking a turn for the worse but how she still has highlights which she embraces to the best of her abilities. And that just gave me this warm feeling of wanting to hug my wife closely…luckily she was close by. One of the moments which gets high marks on the tear-jerking scale was Alice’s speech, and that was the moment when I decided that this movie is not just good but really great.

still-aliceFrom a pure “film-making” point of view, the camera did a great job of portraying the moments of fuzz and despair of the main character – following her through the rooms and capturing Alice being confused and feeling lost. It also wonderfully captured her moments of joy and beauty alongside her family. All being wonderful actors I had my initial quarrel with Alec Baldwin – because I was missing that jerky behavior which I just have gotten accustomed to when I watch him on screen. But in the end, he did a great job as well and blended in perfectly. Her kids are obviously spearheaded by Kristen Stewart who delivers the most memorable performance (but also gets the most opportunity to do so).

All in all, this was a really wonderful movie and I enjoyed every second of it … having said that this is probably not a movie you should watch with your guy friends but with your significant other. And as I said have those tissues ready.

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  • Running time: 101 min
  • Genre: Drama
  • Year: 2014

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