With the end of my summer vacation and the return to cold Munich, I am officially calling it…Summer is over. Now that does in fact make me sad – no hangouts at the beach, no more failed attempts to learn surfing and less BBQ meet-ups. Luckily, the end of summer has also a positive side – fall season is the kickoff of Award season aka “Awesome movies are coming to a theater near you”. And there are a ton of awesome things coming our way, it is actually so awesome that I am little less sad now just by thinking of it.

Black Mass

It is no secret that Johnny Depp has been losing his way in the most recent productions he was part of. I have basically stopped bothering and did not watch most of the recent cinematic failures of his (e.g. The Rum Diaries or Transcendence and not even to speak of the completely useless Lone Ranger. It almost feels that Johnny Depp wants to take on roles where he can look not like himself – and well in this case, it seems like this has been a good thing. In my last days in Cambridge, I saw the set of the new movie on Whitey Bulgar on my way home which instantly got me excited. An overdue portrait of one of the most controversial figures in American crime history; judging from the trailers it seems that Johnny Depp is hitting the spot on this one. First reviews have come in … and it still looks like a fresh rating. So keep your fingers that we are actually not seeing a second Transcendence disaster.


This one kind of goes without saying – James Bond movies have always been entertaining and I am one of the viewers who like the (not so new any longer) direction the franchise has taken with Daniel Craig. I absolutely loved Skyfall which was worthy 007-anniversary film. And now with Christoph Waltz – Hollywood’s new darling – joining the franchise as a villain, I am looking forward to fantastic fall action spectacle. The plot and twists of the upcoming 007 don’t really matter that much, I am fairly confident that with the lineup currently known this will be another great 007.

Beasts of No Nation

Ok, I am gonna say it out loud here: I have a man crush on Idris Elba – ever since his badass performance as Stringer Bell in The Wire, this man can do no wrong. Every movie he is making, every speech he is giving (‘Tonight, we are turning back the acopocalypse’) – I am thinking:”This guy is so awesome”. When I learned about the remote possibility of him becoming Daniel Craig’s successor as 007, I got super excited. Now aside from my ridiclous admiration, this movie also stands as the first runner-up of a true Netflix production for the big screen; which should be (and most certainly is) creating a big shakeup in the big studios – a new and different player is entering the arena. And the shakeup in the TV marketplace with hits like House of Cards, Orange is the new black etc. the studios should be worried. I am really excited to see what Netflix has in the bag for us.


Steve Jobs

The first time I learned about Aaron Sorkin writing the script for Steve Jobs – I immediately remembered back to the amazing “The Social Network” production which probably was one of the best movies in 10s (does one even say that?) – and in fact was the reason why I started to pester the world with my opinion about movies. And there was even David Fincher directing again, so nothing could go wrong on this one – ya think. But then the casting carousel starting spinning and for some reason every change got immediately leaked to the press; first it was Leonardo DiCaprio (he cancelled since this role might actually be getting him an Oscar) – that was a bummer. Then Christian Bale was the up next – sounded good as well but no he didn’t think so. And finally David Fincher also withdrew himself from the project. All these were pretty bad signs for a high quality movie or a successful one at the box office. Finally Danny Boyle threw his hat in the ring – and well he has Slumdog Millionare going for him – so that sounded good. Finally Michael Fassbender (who was beyond awesome in 12 Years a Slave) took the role which apparently nobody in Hollywood wanted. And the first couple of trailers look like they will make the first snoozing JObs movie be forgotten soon. Given the basis being Walther Isaacson amazing biography, I am looking forward to an honest look at one of the most controversial and influential figures in the technology space of our times.


There are people who think that after six (!) Rocky movies and Sly approaching his 70s, this franchise is at the rest. Luckily you are wrong, Sly has still another ace up his sleeve. You remember Apollo – the arch nemesis turned best bro. Well, he had a son and of course he hates him (at least that is what we get from the trailer) and he never wants to be a boxer. Well, good thing that there is the Italian Stallion who can give everyone the magic gift – the Eye of the Tiger. And if this movie does not end up in a ridicoulous street fight between Sly and Michael B. Jordan with a mullet, this might actually be an interesting experience. Who am I kidding, it’s gonna be awesome….Rocky can only be awesome (#NoPain, #IMustBreakYou, #IAmGonnaBustYouUp-GoForIt … I could go on for hours). Check out the latest trailer, this is going to be absolutely amazing.

There are more still more to come but I think watching all these trailers and getting psyched up will be enough for now


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