2014 is in its final strides and as every good (or average) blogger, this is the time of the year when you can write your best-of bla list for the past year. From a personal perspective, I looked back at this year and noticed that so far, I actually haven’t even watched enough new movies to make a legit best-of list, so I will probably do my normal pre-Oscar craze. But let’s look back at what we have seen this year. The year has not ended yet, and there is still some work to do (aka some more movies and TV shows to watch and judge) but for some reason, so this list is yet to be fully completed. Let’s start with the good movies which this year has brought us:

1. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Despite this being “just a sequel”, I was completely mesmerized by the sheer quality in almost every aspect of the cinematic experience and I am still sad that I did not watch it in theaters. Before writing this post today, I re-watched the trailer and even then I got the shivers. I can only recommend to watch this fantastic piece of action-packed, thrilling and for its sake deep experience.

Caesar: Home, Family, Future

As I already previously stated in my review, an absolute must-see of 2014…here is the trailer again for whet your appetite:

2. Nightcrawler

Going into it a total surprise, in hindsight I should have known that Jake Gyllenhaal is probably one of the most brilliant actors of our times. And here he proves again what abilities he has with a nuanced and scary-good performance of the unlikable and yet fascinating character of Loo Bloom. An awesome, gripping and dark masterpiece of 2014, here is my review and below you can the trailer which should get you excited too:

3. Gone Girl

A movie to which I was looking forward anyways (same as with Interstellar) but this one did not let me down. Ben Affleck is just totally back and taking back Hollywood by storm. He still is a better director than actor but right now it seems that he is a force to be reckoned with, everything he is involved with turns into gold. And his collaboration with David Fincher was seemingly fruitful as well. They delivered a dark and thrilling film-noir based on the (apparently) fantastic novel by Gillian Flynn who also delivered the fantastic screenplay. There was not a second during this movie when I was not totally into it…Watch it if you haven’t (read the book). In case you want to read more, read my full review here

Nick: I could fucking kill you

4. The Raid 2

One of the biggest surprises in my 2014 was the greatness of this awesome action packed gem from Malaysia. It is hard to say if the first installment was better than the second, I personally enjoyed both of them highly (meaning while I was flying). The action set pieces were amazing, the pace was unbelievable and the violence had a Tarantio-sque character. I can highly recommend to watch this one  …

Potential honorable mentions

As mentioned above however, it would be unfair of me to rate the year as sub-par since there are some more projects which are due to be watched and just fell through the cracks. The 2014 (potential) highlights. I look mostly forward to are:



American Sniper


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