The Dark Knight Rises
Great close to the best trilogies of decade
  • It was basically impossible to meet the expectations raised by The Dark Knight but this movie is still close to a masterpiece
  • Anne Hathaway and JGL surprise with a great performances
  • Nolan knew better than trying to create an even better villan than the Joker and smartly focuses the story back on Batman
Can't live up The Dark Knight
  • A little more Batman screen presence would have been great
  • More of a drama than an action masterpiece
4.5Overall Score

What a (k)night — after 4 long years of waiting, the day had finally come to watch the final to the Batman trilogy – TDKR. The biggest questions daunting over this movie over the last months and years have been: 1) Will Christopher Nolan bring the Dark Knight Trilogy to a perfect completion? Without a doubt, YES 2) Will TDKR measure up to its fantastic predecessor? Even though this movie drives at a different (i.e. slower) pace, the answer here is also, YES. Chris and Jonathan Nolan choose a deliberate slower pace with more focus on the fall and rise of the main character; which looking at the entire series fits in perfectly. Whereas in Batman Begins it was all about Bruce Wayne’s development into turning from a confused, angry and disillusioned billionaire son into the Dark Knight, the second movie was all about the duel between the “perfect” superhero against the most anarchist villain in movie history (hats off again to Heath Ledger). TDKR had and did focus on the fall of the once great Batman and his alter ego (or vice versa) and his rise to old strengths. Christian Bale almost has similarities to his character from the Machinist…fantastic. Also to my surprise, Anne Hathaway plays a really good Catwoman – torn apart between a ruthless thief riding the Occupy wave and the good girl she is at heart. Also the cast around Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman and Michael Caine are a great additive to TDKR especially the relationship between Alfred and Batman are finally not smooth sailing any longer – one of the contributing factors to the fall of Batman. I could go on and on about the great little details which made this movie so awesome but to sum it up … you leave the movie with a great feeling of closure and hope that Chris Nolan doesn’t get greedy like George Lucas did with Start Wars and soils the legacy. This trilogy was literally one of the best of our times and will be remembered as the must-see classic which redefined the superhero genre. To the entire team which brought us these movies, THANK YOU. PS: Watch it in IMAX, makes the experience even more awesome….




  • Running time: 165 min
  • Genre: Superhero, Thriller
  • Year: 2012



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