The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo
3.0Overall Score

Given the constraint that book adaptions mostly cannot live up to the greatness of the book, the movie was good but not great. Rooney Mara was clearly the star and focus of this picture. As a Hollywood thriller, the movie does a good job building up suspense – whereas the detail book knowledge can be helpful. David Fincher does a solid job (as to be expected) with gritty pictures and a cold undertone. Overall, I believe it to be pretty hard to make an objective judgement if you have read the book, so I give it a 3.5 star rating i.e. solid thriller with good actors but not a must-see picture.

The Good

  • Great pictures and wonderful cinematography thanks to David Fincher
  • Daniel Craig is more “believable” Blomkvist than the swedish one
  • Rooney Mara has great potential to be a fantastic Lisbeth Salander


The Bad

  • Movie doesn’t manage to capture the struggle Blomkvist and Salander have to go through to finally find the bad guys
  • …(point 3), but she actually doesn’t live up to the potential
  • Almost all book adaption have the same problem (not living up to the script) and this movie is no exception



  • Running time: 158 min
  • Genre: Thriller, Book adaoption
  • Year: 2011


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