The Ides of March
80%Overall Score

Great story about ideals, principles and belief in the greater good of politics…as well as their downsides. Clooney has made himself known as one of the best actors of our time – and now a great director with this film. Re: Ryan Gosling, he once again proves that he is one of the current hottest tickets in Hollywood.

The Good

  • Fantastic plot which provides a realistic (as far as I can tell) view into dirty politics
  • George Clooney once again shows his potential not only as an actor but also director
  • Very contemporary view on politics
  • Awesome twist and great finale
  • Supporting cast (Tomey and Hofman) are doing an outstanding job

The Bad

  • At some point during the movie, the main actor acts a little too “dumb”
  • Not too much to complain otherwise


  • Running time: 101 min
  • Genre: Politics, Drama, Thriller
  • Year: 2011



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