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So there it was … the most controversial (non)-release of 2015, the movie which brought one of the biggest production companies down to its knees where executives went to as drastic measures as starting to use their blackberries again for communication. Now I had to see it for myself; was the movie really worth all the buzz? Was it as “controversial” as the GOP made it out to be? The short answer is no. I will try to interview myself to answer the question in a more detailed way.

Was “The Interview” a good comedy ? 

I would not go as far as calling it a good comedy, it was entertaining and there was typical Seth Rogan style LOL moments in there…so it was worth a watch.

What did you think about the acting performances of its main leads? 

Well, that is a better question to answer. Seth Rogan plays his usual character who does a funny Seth Rogan laugh, makes some slightly inappropriate comments and makes fun about his weight. But overall he is just a funny guy, and he was also a funny guy in this movie. For me James Franco was more of a personal highlight. He is able to provide a more “cartoonish” performance and shows more versatility…I also just like seeing Rogan and Franco perform together – it makes me happy.

What exactly do you by this? 

So if you have seen the James Franco Roast or This is the End, one can derive that James Franco, Seth Rogan (along with Jonah Hill and some others) are just really great friends. And whenever they are shooting a movie together, for some reason, I can picture how great it must be to make a movie which is basically about nothing – like This is the End -together with your best buddies. The Interview is yet another example…

How did you like Kim Yong Un impression?

Generally, I thought the KYU character was funny enough to entertain me with some of his jokes but wasn’t like an OMG I almost peed my pants kind of villain on the level of Mike Myers Dr Evil. Not that I think that the movie’s quality or “message” in any way justified the extreme response to Sony Entertainment but to a certain extent I could see how KYU would be at least slightly offended by his movie brother.

So was it worth all the “controversy”? 

I would say that the movie is rather harmless in its nature and it probably would have been an easier play, if not the real KYU was chosen as a villain but a “fictional” character. But the movie was an average-to-good R-rated comedy and if it would not have brought Sony to its knees, I can’t imagine that it would have performed extraordinary well at the box office to begin with.

You seem kind of non-excited about it, why is that?

Well, you know I couldn’t help but to think, that the team who did the movie wasn’t really sure what the movie was aiming at. Did the team want to make an over the top caricature of North Korea and its supreme leader KYU and meanwhile have some fun along the way? Or did they just want to make a comedy which you could kind of watch with the whole family and have some laughs when Seth Rogan is being raunchy again? It seemed kind of half baked and indecisive. Maybe it was a bad script or maybe it was the studio trying to tone it down (probably not enough for the hacking dudes). I guess what bothered me was that the movie starts out really funny and is setting the path for some great comedy but then loses steam as it goes on and moves into somewhat weirdly “serious” territory towards the end…That’s what bothered me.

But overall, would you recommend watching it?

I do think the movie is worth a watch if you are sitting at home and have nothing better in your Netflix queue. If you are expecting to be blown away by the comedy of the year, don’t hold your breath … but there will be a few LOLs – so that is probably worthwhile.

The Good

  • Funny and entertaining (enough)
  • Franco and Rogan are a fun team to watch
  • Gave a good (single digit) number of LOLs

The Bad

  • It has the potential to be great comedy in the beginning …
  • … but then fails to deliver
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  • Running time: 112 min
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Year: 2014

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