The Force Awakens

#NuffSaid … almost no movie has been in such high expectancy ever since Nolan announced The Dark Knight Rises in 2013 and looking back now, it seems like comparing the hype of World Cup Final with the annual Superbowl (sorry to my US friends, it’s just not that big). After seeing all the protagonists from the original Star Wars and not seeing Jar Jar Bings,

Han: Chewie, we’re home…

Chewi: rrrrrrrrrrrrr….

nothing really can get into the way of the spectacle of 2015. We are impatiently awaiting the awakening, and yes we’ve felt it.

99 Homes

I was really excited for this one. After seeing the trailer for this, I immediately bought tickets for the Munich Film Festival but then friends were in town and who wants to be that guy. In any case, the trailer about a family who loses everything during the US housing crisis and its consequences looks amazing. Andy Garfield seems to be delivering a close-to-Social-Network performance and showing that he is a great actor too (and is not only out for milking the superhero-franchise-cash-cow) – I am definitely looking forward to this one.

Steve Jobs – The Man inside the Machine

Yes, I am aware that I am already watching another Steve Jobs movie and how big of a fanboy can you be. Well, admittedly I am an Apple Fanboy and after having read the Steve Jobs biography I am intrigued when there will be a non-fanboy look at Apple. And it seems that somebody like Alex Gurney was needed for this mission. His HBO documentary about Scientology was so amazing, so honest and so eyeopening (not that I was at risk of joining Scientology at any point). I am quite certain that Gurney won’t rip into Apple the way he ripped into Scientology but it will still be an interesting look at the most powerful and valuable company on the face of the earth – created by the most influental and controversial business leaders in the tech industry.

The Big Short

After reading this Michael Lewis novel and just having watched Moneyball, I was deeply hoping for this one to hit theaters as well. It might not be as flashy and Oscar material as Moneyball was, but it tells the mindblowing story of different characters during the subprime crisis in the US. Some saw it coming and did the right bets, others lost everything and some just saw their boss making all the wrong choices in a deliberate and criminal fashion. And seeing Bale, Gosling, Carell and Pitt star in this film, my hopes are way up for The Big Short to be one of the heavy hitters this year.


When I first learned about the massive scale of child molesting, I could absolutely not believe that a crime of this magnitude can be hidden for such a long time. It also yet again goes to show that big parts of the catholic church are full of bigots who praise monogamy and practice a very different thing – in this trailer another new element: the scandal was first discovered in my old 617 hometown. The actors look promising and the plot is contemporary and gripping – this will be another homerun by Mark Ruffalo – if I ever become an actor, I want to hire his agent. And just look at the remaining cast – Keaton, McAdams, Tucci – it will be dark, gritty and awesome.

The Hateful Eight

This will be probably one of the most bespoken of Tarantino movies before anybody even knew it was going to happen – remember Gawker Gate? Anyways, almost two years have passed, Tarantino ended up not crying for too long over his leaked script and shot his eighth movie – The Hateful Eight. Now, am I superpsyched about, not really because I just don’t dig Western movies as much – but for some reason Tarantino does. Having said that, Tarantino of course has the ability to make a not so awesome genre enjoyable enough to check it out in the theater. And seeing the line-up with Kurt Russel (where has he been ?), Samuel L. Jackson & Michael Madsen (is there any (Tarantino) movie without them) and Jennifer Jason Leigh (crazy-looking and messed up as always), I think this might even change my attitude towards Western movies.

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