[SPOILER ALERT] If you read my post about The Newsroom, you may have heard that I am (or maybe was) a big fan of this show. I truly enjoyed the characters, their wittiness and the critical view on what has happened to American journalism or “the news”. The first season did have its weaknesses with the constant focus on the annoying love story between Maggie and Jim while keeping the audience hoping for something to happen between Mac and Will (even though that was also somewhat annoying). What kept the show going was the sometimes patronizing but mostly refreshing view on politics and how TV stations these days are in fact ignoring their actual mission to inform but are aiming for numbers and profit only. So with some distance, the show will probably not make it into my hall of fame but I will still never forget this opener.

With all this positive thought in mind, I was looking forward to Aaron Sorkin adjusting course, tweaking the show here and there and really making the cast live up to its potential, but after a season 2 which was mediocre at best, there is a lot of work to be done to win me back. Will and Mac are about to jump the shark, and here is why.newsroom13_01The show’s premise of Season 2 starts off with a big pending lawsuit daunting over Atlantis Cable News which is constructed somewhat good with a good build-up and well-architectured flashback storyline. And after a pretty slow and boring start where I more or less watched the show out of boredem but not to get my “binge-fix”, it won me over again midway where “Genua” became more real. But then something bad happened to the writing, the cliffhangers in between episodes were just “duh”. Liona telling Charlie and Will to “win the people’s trust back” after wanting to have their head on a stick for the entire first season. This was a little bit of an extreme change in mind; the same applied to Reese “wanting to do the right thing” who just weeks ago, basically wanted to get the entire staff fired asap. In my mind, this was pretty weak and plainly unlogical character development for show of that caliber. The entire “Genua” plotline was built up quite nicely but then didn’t end up going anywhere significant, which really annoyed me.

11-newsroom-3Not only the main plot line but also the political topics which were in focus of this season were either somewhat boring or did not spin up a new interesting angle as they did in Season 1. Don being totally sad about Troy Davis death sentence came totally out of nowhere and was so artificially overplayed. Even though I liked how Will was so anti “Occupy Wall Street”, I also thought that this storyline could have been exploited much better. Also how Shelley so coincidentally knew about the only Twitter witness in the “Genua” case was a little too much. Another thing I was looking forward to which didn’t really come to fruition was how the show worked on the election campaign, there was so much material and ultimately it was only used as a timeline accelerator and the sideshow for the season finale’s main event; and this event finally made me think: “Ok enough now.” Will realizes out of a conversation with Sam that he actually needs to propose to Mac after love-hating for the past year… Come On.

So much for my rant…I guess I’m only that expressive because I liked this show so much in Season 1 and it really hit the right nerve with me. So being disappointed with such a weak season opening, a decent climax and disappointing finale is enough for me break up the serious relationship I had with The Newsroom and downgrade it more to a bootie call.

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