The Sessions
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The-Sessions-2What felt like a great idea for a sunday night movie turned out to be one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. And looking back at the Academy Awards 2012, it leaves me somewhat frazzled that it only got one nomination for Helen Hunt. The story which director Ben Lewin had at his fingertips is a fantastic one; the life and love of Mark O’Brien – a disabled person whose Polio left him breathing through an iron lunge and without the ability to feel loved like we do.

Admittedly it is really hard for me to write a review about this type of movie, as there is no focus on cinematography, score or pacing – it is all about emotion and the interaction between the actors on a visceral level. Throughout the entire movie, I felt very connected with the characters and it made me think of my time after high school when I was working with disabled patients during my year of social service. I always was aware of how miserable their life could be and how much I can be thankful for the life I’ve had but the desire for sexual pleasure on their part never really phased me.


That build-up and description of Mark O’Brien’s life is done really nicely as well as his motivation to feel sexual pleasure so “late in his life”. Without wanting to get into spoilers, the character development of Helen Hunt is absolutely fantastic. She does a wonderful job and took on a pretty courageous role here – and at least the Academy awarded her with a nomination. Whereas she starts off as your normal Helen Hunt character of being nice, warm and understanding – it develops greatly into doubt, love and fear.

After the film ended, I recognized how short it was and how much I enjoyed that fact. With every movie nowadays being at least 2 hours long, it was a welcome change to have a 95 minutes long piece which still managed to get the message across very effectively and entertain me for the entire duration. Looking back at this movie, it is really hard to write a good review in my mind but I very much recommend watching it. In addition to that, after the movie I did some reading and if you’re interested in the true story behind it, I’ve added some links for you to study on. The article by Mark O’Brien is really fantastic, I would highly recommend that for sure.

The Good

  • Feel good movie
  • Wonderful characters
  • Courageous performance by Helen Hunt
  • Good entertainment with the perfect duration

The Bad

  • Nothing I could remember



  • Running time: 95 min
  • Genre: Drama, Romance
  • Year: 2012

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