As I was on my most recent binging adventure in the most recent weeks, I had to cope with yet another main character which left my TV soul hollow for one day of mourning. And that motivated to share my personal most shocking experiences of characters being killed off shows which I really enjoyed. In order to keep the spoiling at a minimum, I have hidden the names of the characters in the box, so that you have to actually open the drop-down to see who I am referring to. It should go without saying that this post will contain a whole lot of spoilers so in case you are not binged up to the show in the box, I would recommend not opening it. The list is not sorted by priority but more what came to my mind as I was thinking about this post –  so let’s get going.

C*** on Lost

There was a time and it seems like ages ago when Lost was one of the most gripping experiences on television. All the characters had absolute “Kultstatus” (a German saying) and my friends and I spent hours discussing, debating – even arguing – about what will happen next and why Ben just did that evil thing he just did. And I will filter out the awful end for now and just remember the good times. One of the most shocking moments of my Lost history was the cliffhanger of Charlie getting killed off the show; it happened at the end of Season 3 “Through the Looking Glass”. It was the first episode on the show which started to look forward instead of building up the characters via the flashbacks. Charlie and Desmond were on a rescue mission to unjam the signal, so that Naomi could contact the Penny’s boat which was presumably 18 miles off shore – and then it happened, evil Mikhail managed to escape, blow up the communication room in a suicide mission, taking down our beloved Charlie who had just communicated with Penny on the intercom. Despite not being Jon Snow, she still knew nothing – about a boat. So in his last moments before tragically drowing, Charlie drew the message on the palm of his hand to let his buddy Desmond know that it actually is “Not Penny’s boat”. One of the everlasting saddest moments in TV history – it is 7 (!) years ago, and watching the clip brought all the memories back and it also brought back the moments I so cherished about Lost – brilliant characters, unbearable cliffhangers and a gripping storyline. Thank You, Charlie. Farewell, brother

*****t*** on Dexter

There was a time when Dexter was one of the best shows on private cable. The characters (aside from the annoyingly excessive swearing of Dexter’ sister Deb) were likeable and interesting, Dexter was the perfect antihero – a serial killer animal with a “heart”. And the show just had delivered three excellent seasons and was on its prime having just wrapped one of its best duels of two perfect serial killers. For the entire fourth season, Dexter remained to be in awe about his counterpart – being a serial killer while living the perfect family life with a loving wife and great children. “How is he doing it?” Dexter kept asking himself. Until he found out the truth; there is no happy family life, there are no happy kids, it is all for show. Arthur Mitchell aka Trininty is actually a horrible person not only when you are one of his victims but also within the confined family walls. Once Dexter knew that, he ceased to be “Awe”-mode and went into Dexter mode to capture and kill Trinity. He saw that in contrast to Trininty, Dexter would never hurt or harm his family. After successfully killing Trinity, Dexter returns home to move on and embrace his “boring” family life only to find Rita killed in a bathtub and his son crying in a sea of her own mother’s blood. Just like him before Harry took him in. The event which indisputably turned Dexter into what he is today. And there was his innocent son “born in blood”. This season finale was probably one of the most shocking in recent TV history; Rita was always off-limits, she was so good and pure and with that purity she actually brought the monster Dexter to kind of embrace family life with her, feeling something which resembled love and empathy.”Life does not have to be perfect, it just has to be lived”. And there it was, his wife murdered in cold blood and that’s when he saw that he will never live a “normal” life. His “hobby” will always prevent that, and there it was; as Dexter was growing to become “normal”-er, it is being ripped away from him and he is responsible. He let his “hobby” affect another person – his wife. Her murder was his fault, it was his responsibility. And Dexter would have live with that for the rest of the show – which just after that completely jumped the shark. See and relive the moment for yourself.

*****a** on Sons of Anarchy
I arbitrarily set myself the rule to mention each show only once – otherwise there may have been a pretty clear bias towards Game of Thrones and the other relentlessly-cast-off-killing show – Sons of Anarchy. Now, there were are a lot of screen kills which were pretty shocking and they certainly deserve honorary-mention; Opi most certainly went too soon, so did Clay (left us with an empty spot to hate somebody on the show), Unser on the other hand survived every season like a cockroach. But during the entire running of the show, no death was as shocking as Tara’s brutal murder by the matriarch. It was the end of yet another season which had its ups and downs, its shockers (little boy school shooting) and we were all waiting for the moment when Jax would find out that his own wife would double-play him. He had been on a (for that season already extreme) killing rampage and it seemed the little good that was in him had started to vanish more and more. If he now finds out about Tara working with the Feds, it’s over, he will brutally murder her in cold blood – the mother of his children. And then we are hit with the first surprise; Jax is hit with an epiphany when he finds out about his wife’s betrayal: “She is right, I will turn myself in so that my children can live a happy life!”. What a relief that was, SOA is not as dark after all, Kurt Sutter believes in the good of Jax and he wants to keep the “hope” for a better future alive. Tara is happy and smiles for the first time in this season, Jax wants to get a last round of hugs from his brothers and go on his journey to become a different man. One person however did not get the memo – Gemma. She confronts Tara and in a wordless brutal fight which ends in her putting her daughter-in-law’s head on skewer. And in an effort to hide the crime, Juice comes in to save her and puts the icing on the cake by killing the sheriff who just delivered the news about Jax turning himself in to Gemma. She would now take on the reigns of her belated second husband Clay to be the most hated character on the show. And Kurt Sutter took every little hope away that SOA may actually have something close to a happy ending for anyone – and well, he kind of kept his promise. At least, he let us have Nero – thanks for that Kurt. In order to celebrate SOA once again, I found this gem (no pun intended) including all SOA kills –  as you can imagine, it is a long video…Enjoy (I guess).

******* **** on Game of Thrones

As I’m writing this post I yet again notice how much I will be missing Game of Thrones once we are done with the last episode of Season 5. Now, you probably may say that the murders at the red wedding including the beloved Robert Stark and his mother as well as the killing of Ned Stark in Season 1 were much more shocking that Lord Oberin – and you are most certainly right. But to my wrongdoing, I started to binge on Game of Thrones pretty late in the game (no pun intended) and you really can’t protect yourself from spoilers except by going completely cold turkey on the internet. Well, I may have been able to skip the Sean-Bean-Death-Reel video but there was no way to not know about the red wedding. Anyways, I think I am yet again going off topic again; so Lord Oberin had not necessarily been a key character like members of the Lannister family or the Starks. His presence however had become pretty pivotal, he wanted to make things right for his family and he was a force to be reckoned with especially for the Lannister clan. And as Season 4 went on its course, our hopes for justice which were previously crushed by the brutal killing of Rob had found some new hope when Lord Oberin decided to be Tyrion Champion and win the justice by combat for him. He was so close, the Mountain was surprised by Oberin’s speed and agility; in fact we all were. But there it was right ahead of us – justice for Tyrion, one of our last remaining heros on the show. And the evil Lannisters will get what they deserve – a big blow in their face…but George RR Martin would not be George RR Martin if he would not tell the audience: Haha, f*** you, did you actually think there is just in the Seven Kingdoms?” No, he gave us yet another shocking death on Game of Thrones. Lord Oberin’s cocky arrogance cost him is life as the Mountain swept him off his feet and crushed his skull with his bare hands. And we were just sitting there, watching it happen, there is nothing we could do. And yet again, we knew in Song of Ice and Fire is not a love song.

***** on The Good Wife

Again truth to be told (and probably advice to be said), you should really not check anything online when you are in a binging marathon because you may be confronted with information you don’t want to hear. And well, I yet again did this very mistake by going on IMDB to find out about a certain actor on the show only to see that Will seems to be not on the main cast of the show for its full duration – so I thought maybe he will be leaving the firm or something. But then as this very episode was coming closer and Will was actually killed off, I was a little sad and a little shocked but probably nothing close to what would have been if. So there it was, Alicia and Will still going head to head against each other. Will felt hurt and betrayed that the woman he (still) loved had left and betrayed him professionally and Alicia hurt by how mean Will was to her. But some moments of burying the hatches had been displayed on the screen and we were lead to believe that things might get better soon. And then there was a shooting, there was blood and there was Will – lying in the arms of Finn. But quite honestly to me the quality of killing off a character is closely tied to both the shock factor as well as the tear jerking effect (especially for a TV Drama). Unfortunately, I killed off the shocking factor for myself and the tear jerking effect was somewhat undermined by the terrible fake crying of all the characters on the show – Diane, Khalinda and most importantly Alicia. Whenever they cry, I think to myself that this is just the worst fake crying I have ever seen and it annoys me – a lot actually. So let’s move on…

*****r on The Wire

This is another tough one to point out one particular death on this show. On the one hand because they were just so darn many but also because nobody on this show was really “good”, almost everyone had some dirty laundry. Not everyone necessarily deserved to die but well we wouldn’t really have been sad. Everyone but Omar, our beloved antihero – the Baltimore version of Robin Hood, the ultimate badass. He had done so much bad while doing good – bringing down the drug empire if they would go against their people. And with all his rebellion, we knew that he wouldn’t always be lucky and at some point, they will get him. But that particular moment completely caught me off-guard since Omar was always so ahead of the game. And then bamm, he gets shot in the head not by some other mean badass like Marlo or Chris Partlow but by some kid who wasn’t perceived as a threat by the overly careful Omar. And he was gone, just gone … so let’s not remember how he died but how he made everyone go mad when he was alive.

Honorably death mentions

The Red Wedding (#WhyDidYouDoThisGRRM?)

Mike on Desperate Housewives (#NoShame)

Hank on Breaking Bad (#WeSawItComing)

Wallace on Breaking Bad (#PoorKiddo)

For the record this list is not numbered by priority and yes, some shocking honorable mentions probably deserved more detail but well this is just a snapshot of my thoughts about the most shocking/sad deaths in my television history.

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