What makes a show – and we don’t know that since Game of Thrones – is the element of surprise. We want to be hooked…and despite sometimes ridiculous turns, Kurt Sutter managed to retain a very loyal and addicted fan base over seven seasons. And one reason is certainly, how he uses the element of surprise and cliffhangers during the show run. Nobody was ever safe from being made obsolete in the next season…And given the many murder/death/kills during the show, I was thinking that it deserved a summary of its most memorable 187 moments.

Opie … Died like a man

One of the most favorite characters of the show threw himself into a brutal death in a prison fight for his brothers. A big shocker which left a big hole in all our hearts. #RipOpie

I got this

Clay … Died like he deserved it

He was the character on the show who was the perfect target of dislike. But Sutter would not be SutterInk if he wouldn’t be spinning the events and characters in such a way that in the last episodes leading to Clay’s (surprising) execution by Jax, we wouldn’t end up feeling sorry for him. But ultimately, he was an evil force and he deserved to die as he did … #ShotInTheThroat

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Juice … Died after having his pie

Juice was probably one of my favorite sidekick characters (aside from Bobby) who had the most interesting character development on the show. He slowly became more and more depressed as the show went on and as his mistakes and sins caught up to him. He ultimately lost his soul once his club withdrew their support and love. Once even Chips – his ultimately bro – turned his back on him, it was truly over and all he could do was going to jail, slicing up the the Chinese and eat his last piece of pie. He died an “honorable” death.

Just let me finish my pie

Stahl … Died with an UZI to her head

Even though Stahl was on the “right” side of the law and had the right intentions (i.e. bringing down a criminal organziation), she was the target of fan hate because … well we all love SAMCRO. I however truly enjoyed her character as she was so vigorously chasing down the club way beyond any means of law. And when Opie took his revenge (even though it wasn’t really her who shot his wife) it was one of the most tense and yet weirdly gratifying moments of the show.

I am begging you, please don’t

Gemma … Died by the hand of her own son and it was about time

Gemma Teller Morrow…the matriarch, the mother of all Sons, the gatekeeper of all lies. She had the intentions to be a good mother and good wife/girlfriend but she is the ultimate black widow; whomever got close to her was running a serious risk to find himself belly-up permanently. Nero chose wisely when kindly declining the offer to get married – but well Nero is also the most awesome Mano in Charming. When it was time for her to go, she was already way overdue. She was actually a character who did not turn likable just before she was about to die – unlike her late ex-husband. And in the end, all the lies she made up to stay alive and retain the love of her family backfired first into the heart and soul of SAMCRO (aka Bobby) and then … well into her skull.

It’s ok sweetheart, that is just who we are

Tara … Died thinking everything might turn good

The killing of Tara Knowles was probably one of the biggest shockers in the entire run of the show. Again the season was coming to an end…violent and tense. We didn’t know who to root for – should Tara get away and Jax go to prison? And then in the final episodes, Jax finds out everything! What is he going to do? Take the boys, kill his wife who betrayed her club … NO. Because at that point in the show, he still had something to keep him good; his wife and his kids. So he decides to do the right thing…turn himself in and support his wife. Woe, everything seems to come together…will there actually be a happy ending? Tara is actually smiling for the first time during this entire season. Everything feels good … finally … but then Gemma walks in and saves the day. She gives back because that is who she is. This depressing, sad feeling which we always have when watching SAMCRO is suddenly back.

Jax … Died ending the entire show

The antihero Jax Teller – admired at times and hated at the same time for not revealing his British accent. He was the core of the show, it all started with him thinking about the purpose of SAMCRO and life itself. And for 7 (well more 6) seasons, he threw in all his street smarts to make SAMCROW a more legit business and get his family to a better place. He probably took parenting lessons with his mother though, not being there like ever and letting his kid get kidnapped by a bunch of Irish crooks – and then even considering to leave it there. But because the fans loved the show so much, every attempt (as in every season) his attempt to make things better was (most frequently) crushed by a violent murder ending the season. And in his final strides, he just threw everything overboard and turned into a violent – at times stupidly blind – monster on a killing rampage – which finally cost him his president patch and the overdue meeting with Mr Mayhem. He got the privilege to die like a Teller – on a 30 year old bike which was still faster than 100 cop cars together. Him and his dad will be able to catch up on what went wrong throughout the way – looking up to Earth.

Otto …  Died as a hero for SAMCRO

Kurt Sutter gave himself quite a pivotal role in this show – but one which always stayed in the background. Many of Otto’s deeds however had significance …  such as framing Tara for an accessory to murder. But in the end, he became the one who fixed the issue SAMCRO style and gave his life for it – all that without having a tongue which he conveniently bit off so he wouldn’t have to speak anymore…it’s overrated anyways.

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  1. cathy k.

    Best show in a long time.
    Sutter is a great writer
    And actor every character was
    Loved and some hated the hated were will you know.
    But one loved Jax I was sorry
    See his end.
    Too much to comment.
    Keep writing Kurt.
    We need more.
    Sons fan in Philly.


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