As many other TV watchers out there, I have this thing where I thin that once I stayed with a certain show for long enough, I have a moral obligation to stick it out until the very end. After all the cast and I shared a long history together, and I want us to bring it home together. I have done so with Lost (which despite the terrible finale will remain one of my all-time favorites), Desperate Housewives (no shame) and now with Dexter.

DEXTER (Season 4)And as indicated, I haven’t been in love with this show for quite some time now … After the furious season finale with Trinity (one of John Lithgows all-time highlights), the show never came back to its prime. John Lithgow just so perfectly portrayed the perfect family man with the picket fence while being a meticulous maniac and serial killer who is terrorizing his family. And all this was mirrored so nicely into Dexter’s life and persona who kept envying the perfection of Trinity’s life. It all climaxed in a furious season finale – probably the best I have seen. And after the show already had aired an awesome finale in Season 2, I was absolutely wowed…But well, that’s when it started to go downhill, and I should have probably just tabled the show when I saw the co-star of Season 5 … Julia Stiles (I mean…seriously).
Using Dexter to kill a motivational speaker and his crony – who have a side hobby of raping women (again really?) and who are acted out by some complete no-name actors – which doesn’t always have to be a bad thing but in this case it was…As I’m writing this post, I’m actually trying to remember who were the villains in season 6 … Ah now I remember the religious crap with Edward James Olmos and his no-name crony who ended up being some kind of Tyler “Fight club” Durden figure … But just in such a bad and non-charismatic way … And then the character of Hanna McKay entered the picture who kind of bothered me from the get-go but I guess she had the purpose of keeping the show going and “humanizing” Dexter – as he noticed that he is less and less of an actual monster and is capable of having real feelings.

I was basically ready to kick Dexter like a bad habit when the show redeemed itself with Deb (finally) finding out that her brother is actually a serial killer. I felt that this element could bring us at least some redemption in final season. But the build up ended up in such a disappointment … Again it was a season with completely uncharismatic villain, an unnecessary introduction of Dr Evelyn Vogel – the creator of “the code” and an apprentice to Dexter (come on)…who was of course killed off before he could really master the code. And as the season kept moving on, I really wondered what the writers were thinking and why they kept opening up plot lines (which were unnecessary without ultimately closing them) e.g. Quinn and the Seargant’s exam. But as I said in the beginning, I stuck with it…but now just to bring it to an end. And boy was this a bad ending…(SPOILER ALERT) … and there are so many questions (and my hunch):

  1. Why did Deb have to die? I guess every series finale needs and unexpected death of a main character, but still wtf.
  2. Why did Dexter have to come to the revelation that this one time, he wouldn’t need to kill his victim? Because otherwise, the stupid twist of a US Marshall who hadn’t heard of a nationwide manhunt getting stabbed by the evil guy couldn’t have logically happened
  3. Why did Dexter drive into the worst CGI hurricane of TV history? Because it is dramatic and he the serial killer really knows how to take a life even his own
  4. Why did Dexter have to kill Deb? I guess because it is his punishment that the last kill he does is the one person he cares about and while he is carrying out her dead body onto a boat, nobody notices it.
  5. Why would Dexter grow a beard and become a lumberjack in (maybe) Oregon?

A few week and another controversial series finale (HIMYM) have passed, and with this contrast in mind, the Dexter finale seems even worse. At least HIMYM managed to engage its users in some “discussion” whereas everywhere in the net, this particular series was just completely ridiculed and rightfully so. As I am finishing up this post, I remember what kind of a terrible and unworthy ending this finale brought to an otherwise really good show. Now when friends ask me if it’s worth to still get into Dexter, I always answer no, because starting with season 5 and ending with season 8, the show took all its greatness and is not worth recommending any longer.

Sorry, Dex…I really liked you but your producers just didn’t know when to finally take you off the air.


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