The Wolf of Wall Street
4.3Overall Score

There is not too much introduction needed for this particular movie, in my (and many other’s) mind(s) this was easily the highest anticipated film of 2013. So the big questions are: Did it hold up to its massive expectations and will DiCaprio finally get the Oscar he has been chasing all these years ?

Let’s actually start with Question 2: Will Leonardo DiCaprio win over the very Academy who has denied him the Oscar already so many times. I put all my bets on yes. Even though being in the running with heavyweights (in movies I yet have to see) like Matthew McConaughey, Christian Bale and Chiwetel Ejofor, I only see the latter to be a true contender…and with the political nature of the Academy, this year’s Oscar for Actor in a Leading Role can only go to Leonardo DiCaprio. With his own very style, he just totally owns this movie. He acts out the extreme, the greed, the drugs and the will to “win” with complete disregard of collateral damage in such a fantastic way. It certainly is no secret that DiCaprio has become one of the biggest names in Hollywood, what keeps striking me however is his versatility.

Now let’s head back to Question 1, again an absolute yes for the following reasons (beyond many others):

1. Creating an entertaining three hour movie is something which many people try and as many people fail…not Martin Scorsese

2. Even though Scorsese stays true to his elements of crime, excess and drugs, he does it in a completely different genre and gives this movie a “comedic” touch with lots of brilliant and yet very unique laugh.

3. The cast of this movie is absolutely amazing and the chemistry of DiCaprio and Jonah Hill is just fantastic

Even though the “comedy” part of the movie was already somewhat known to me ahead of time, I was both surprised and enjoyed every bit of it. The Jonah Hill element (which was described as the funny version of Joe Pesci) along with the all the other “founders” of Stratton Oakmont was this exact part which helped turning orgy into comedy and excess into satire.

There is obviously a certain controversy which has been widely discussed in web and media which I believe is worthwhile mentioning: Is this movie celebrating or condemning cold American capitalism? I kept asking myself this very question throughout the movie and came to the conclusion that Scorsese doesn’t really intend to take sides, he just wants to entertain (and that he does). Having said that, it is different to make a movie about the life of a mobster (which is obviously criminal) and depicting a white-collar criminal like the very Jordan Belfort. In a certain way, Scorsese stays true to his way of portraying excess, drugs and money in a somewhat “fascinating” way and it is just a visual pleasure to watch him do that. In another way, choosing Leonardo DiCaprio to portray this very criminal is almost like bowing down in front a crook who cost thousands of poor and not so poor Americans millions of dollars. On the other hand, the depiction of life on Wall Street is so extreme that one could view it is caricature as well….as you can see, I am clearly undecided.

But aside from all controversy, I have one main goal when I go to the movies: I want to be entertained…and Martin Scorsese yet again doesn’t let me down. Even though it is neither his nor Leo’s best work, this movie is fun, gross, weird, long, big and always entertaining.

The Good

  • Entertaining ride through the world of excess, greed and drugs
  • Extreme acting by Leo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill
  • Scrosese can just do everything and he proves it once again

The Bad

  • Maybe it could be a tad shorter (but only a tad)
  • Depiction of a crook like Jordan Belfort in a “too fascinated way”


  • Running time: 180 min
  • Genre: Comedy, Thriller
  • Year: 2013

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